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Many of the Nintendo 3DS game players don't know what flashcard to get for their 3DS/NEW 3DS console. Hereby in this article, we will analyze in detail and to help you choose the correct card for yourself. If you have already updated your 3DS/New 2DS/New 3DS to firmware v11.5.0-38, never buy the Gateway 3DS cards, because Gateway 3DS won't work on this firmware. Or if you've already ordered one, you should contact the seller, cancel the order or alter to another correct card.

Why Gateway 3DS is the wrong choice for Nintendo 3DS v11.5.0 ?
As has been emphasized for many times, Gateway 3DS card only support playing 3ds games or 3ds backups on 3DS firmware V4.1-9.2. So if you are owning a 2DS/New 2DS XL/3DS/New 3DS XL on firmware higher than v9.2, then you should forget about Gateway 3DS when purchasing a flashcard for playing 3ds games, not to mention the latest firmware 11.5.0. Though Gateway 3DS can support Emunand 11.2, the precondition is that you have a 3DS/2DS console with firmware(i.e. the Sysnand) v4.1~9.2. Furthermore, as for EmuNand 11.3/11.4 or 11.5, Gateway 3DS CAN NOT support yet. Let's take a look at the latest news on Gateway official site as follows:

Therefore, if you are Gateway 3DS users, you can update EmuNand up to V11.2.0, but never higher than that. If your 3DS console is on the newer 3ds firmware version such as v9.3-v11.5.0, then you should buy a SKY3DS+ card instead of Gateway 3DS card.

Do any other flashcarts support 3DS/New 3DS/New 2DS V11.5.0 or not ?
Besides Gateway 3DS card, there are also other 3DS flashcard such as DSTWO Plus, EZ Flash Redux, R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe, MT Card and so on. So are these cards supporting 3DS v11.5.0 for playing 3ds games or not ? The answer is NO! Now let's take a look at what 3ds firmware versions these flashcarts can work on:

  • DSTWO Plus : 3DS V4.0-9.2
  • EZ Flash Redux : 3DS V4.0-9.2
  • R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe : 3DS V4.1-4.5
  • MT Card : 3DS V4.1-4.5

SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ are the correct card for playing 3ds games on 3DS firmware v9.3-11.5
So far, Sky3DS/Sky3DS+ are the only flashcards that can directly work on 3DS latest firmware V11.5.0-38 or lower versions for playing 3ds game roms. Sky3DS and Sky3DS+ both are from the official team. But comparatively speaking, Sky3DS+ is better than Sky3DS, and we can draw this conclusion from the following aspects:
1. Firmware:
Sky3DS doesn't have firmware, and thus is not updatable.
Sky3DS+ has firmware, and is updatable.

2. Setup:
Sky3DS - you need to use Diskwriter to transfer the 3ds games to the memory card and into the format that can be recognized by Sky3DS.
Sky3DS+ - doesn't require any setup. Sky3DS+ card can directly recognize the 3ds rom files.

3. Game Switch:
Sky3DS has only 1 blue button, so you can only switch game one by one and in one direction.
Sky3DS+ has 2 orange buttons, and you can easily switch between games in two directions, also you can press the button quickly at a time to jump to the game you want to play.

Posted in SKY3DS By Hallie Hallie

Concerning Nintendo New 2DS XL/LL and First Hacking Guide

Thursday, 4 May 2017 17:03:23 Asia/Shanghai

The upcoming Nintendo New 2DS XL/LL obviously will be the next cheaper Nintendo handheld console after Switch. Even though this new device is supposed to be released several months later this Summer, we can now do a simple review based on what we know from New 2DS and its similarity with the New 3DS XL. In addition, since Nintendo New 2DS XL/LL will be using the same firmware as 3DS/NEW 3DS handhelds, we'll also give you the first New 2DS XL hacking guide.

Review on Nintendo New 2DS XL/LL
What is Nintendo New 2DS XL/LL?
It's one of the upcoming handheld consoles released by Nintendo in this July. The New 2DS XL is an upgraded version of the standard 2DS and actually features the same improved processor found in the New 3DS XL, which means that you will be able to play games that were once exclusive to the New 3DS and should also enjoy better frame rate stability in standard 3DS games.

The Design and Package
The new 2DS XL is designed to fit between 2DS and 3DS XL handheld consoles. It's lighter than 3DS XL but has the same dimensions, featuring a 4.88-inch primary display and 4.18-inch secondary display. Different from the 2DS which has a flat, tablet design, new 2DS XL has a folding clamshell design. This new device can play all 3DS games but in 2D effect, and also has larger screens. In all, the new Nintendo 2DS XL is a combination of the original 2DS and New 3DS XL.

Package list in the New 2DS XL box:

  • New Nintendo 2DS XL system
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus
  • 4GB microSDHC memory card
  • AR Cards x6
  • Operations Manual
  • AC adapter

Compatible games and Softares
The new Nintendo 2DS XL can be used to play 3ds,ds,dsi,3ds eshop and Virtual console games, even the game titles exclusively for New 3DS consoles. By now there are more than 1000/5000 3ds/nds games in the market, which means you will be able to play over 6000 games on the New 2DS XL.

Function and Performance
The Nintendo New 2DS XL includes all the softwares, allowing you to play games, surf the internet, watch movies and other things within compatibility of the microSDHC card.

  • AR Games™
  • Face Raiders™
  • Mii Maker™
  • StreetPass™ Mii Plaza™
  • Activity Log
  • Nintendo eShop3
  • Nintendo 3DS™ Browser3
  • Nintendo 3DS™ Camera
  • Nintendo 3DS™ Sound

Nintendo New 2DS XL Hacking Guide
With Flashcards:
As with NDS games, a R4i Gold 3DS or R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card can be used to play nds games on New 2DS XL, as both these two flashcards can support the latest firmware.
For 3ds games, undoubtedly SKY3DS+ will be the best choice to play 3ds games on the Nintendo New 2DS XL, due to the fact that it supports the latest firmware and its operation is quite simple.

Without flashcards
Nowadays 3ds has been cracked by many different methods. Flashcard hacking is just one simple format of them, besides we can also hack the 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles with homebrew exploits or 3ds custom firmwares. However, after the New 2DS XL is released, it should be work with the latest 3DS Firmware version, which are usually patching the homebrew exploits or 3ds cfws like the Luma3ds. So whether or not we can use any exploits or 3ds cfws to hack the New 2DS XL still remains a question.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

A new solution for online game play with SKY3DS+ will be coming soon

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 16:05:03 Asia/Shanghai

Yesterday on 17th April, sky3DS official team released a piece of news as follows:
* We will release a new solution for online game play with sky3DS+ soon.(04/17/2017)

Though they haven't yet confirmed when exactly the new solution will be available, we think it should not be far and maybe just around the corner-- as this news itself indicates that the sky3DS official team now is focusing on working out this solution. Till so far, sky3DS team haven't let us down and the sky3DS+ card keeps up with support for the latest 3DS firmware. Also its firmware has been keeping in updating regularly for better functions.

Many people are guessing that it's likely that the new solution can work without game header or the steps for online game play with SKY3DS+ will be much easier without the concern of being banned.

Whatever the new solution will be, it'll surely make things better. So let's just wait and see.

Posted in SKY3DS By Hallie Hallie

Since the latest 3DS system firmware V11.3.0-36 has come out for some time now, someone may be wondering if Gateway 3ds card can support the 11.3 Emunand.

According to a latest news from Gateway official website, they haven't confirmed Emunand 11.3 can be supported by Gateway 3DS card yet. And until now, they haven't released further update. So for now, please do not update your Emunand until you can read the confirmation of support for 11.3 on Gateway official website.

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

Three Essential Flashcarts to Buy in 2016 and 2017

Friday, 19 August 2016 11:40:46 Asia/Shanghai

Which R4i flashcart we should buy in 2016 and 2017 ? Or which flashcart to choose for playing 3DS, DS, GBA and other free games ? Please read on and find the answer !

What are the 3 Essential Flashcarts to Buy in 2016 and 2017 ?

DS Game support: R4I SDHC RTS 3DS
R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is a DS flashcart that 3DS/NDS/NDSi console owners shouldn't miss. It supports Nintendo 3DS/2DS/NEW3DS/DSI/DS Lite/DS for playing DS Roms. As a very classic R4i flashcart, R4I SDHC RTS 3DS has all basic and exclusive R4 features. R4I SDHC RTS 3DS from is the best R4i card which let you play 99% NDS Games on 3DS 11.0.0-33 and DSI 1.4.5.

Why R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is the No.1 must have flashcart ?

  • Easy to setup on 3DS: Setup R4I SDHC 3DS RTS on 3DS or DSI firmware is very easy. Even if your child or you are the newbie, just learn a few minutes and do as the guide, the flashcard can be set up well on 3DS devices without any problems. All you need to do is prepare one working Microsd card, the R4i 3ds firmware from official site and several ds roms. The whole setup is just 3 steps:1. format Microsd card on your PC;2. download, unzip and drag R4i 3ds v1.83b and DS Games to the root of sd card;3. insert R4I SDHC 3DS RTS into 3DS/DS series model. Very simple, isn't it ?
  • Simple to use for play DS Games: Operate this card on 3DS to play free DS games is easy and convenient too. You can see the ds game menu list on the screen, select one and press A, you will enter the game and start to play it freely. What's more, you can choose to turn on/off the cheats code function, save & load the game at any time and softreset when in the gameplay. The R4i 3ds menu also tells you how to use the card on 3DS with different hotkeys.
  • Support both 3DS & DSI firmware: Nintendo doesn’t block or patch R4i 3ds card for years. So buy one R4i 3DS flashcart is more recommended for now. You can use R4I SDHC 3DS RTS for a long time on 3DS/DS console, so the money won't be wasted. By the way, the price of R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is the cheapest one among the 3 Essential flashcarts.

3DS Game support: SKY3DS+/SKY3DS PLUS
SKY3DS+ also named as SKY3DS PLUS card is the No.2 flashcart recommended to buy in 2016 and 2017. It's supporting 3DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL(LL)/NEW 3DS/NEW3DSXL(LL)/2DS consoles. Also it is the hottest flashcart in 2016-- nowadays, 3DS Games are much more attractive to game players: game tiles like Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Yokai Watch, Zelda, Pokemon all are widely welcome and played worldwide. So the latest trend of flashcart is led by SKY3DS+/SKY3DS PLUS.

Why SKY3DS+ is the No.2 must have flashcart ?

  • SKY3DS+ card supports the latest and hottest 3DS Games: 3DS Games is the reason why people buy the old 3ds or new 3ds console, so now a flashcart supporting Free 3DS Games is exactly the one people are searching for. The old R4i card can’t satisfy this need, thus the second essential flashcart to buy is SKY3DS+ , which supports the latest 3DS v11.0.0-33E/U/J.
  • Supports simply plug & play. Just like an R4i 3DS card, SKY3DS+ is the only 3ds game flashcard with straight set up: download firmware, 3ds roms, and then put them all to the root of a Microsd card. Then you can play Multiple 3DS Games with inserting SKY3DS+ card to 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS console.
  • Supports emulating 3DS Game card and no damage to 3DS Firmware: SKY3DS+ doesn’t change or add anything to 3DS Firmware, instead it is emulating the retail 3ds game cartridge to work on Nintendo 3DS handheld systems. So you won’t brick the console under any circumstance.

3DS/DS/GBA/SNES Games all support: DSTWO+/DSTWO Plus
Supercard DSTWO Plus has something in common with top 1 flashcart R4I SDHC 3DS RTS, they are both supporting DS games. But DSTWO Plus does better for GBA and SNES games emulation. So if you want to have one card but to play DS, GBA, SNES games better, you can not buy R4i SDHC 3ds but DSTWO Plus card. Better functions means higher price of course, DSTWO Plus is sold around 40 pound sterling online.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

How is R4i Gold 3DS card and the prospect of it in 2017 ?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 10:50:36 Asia/Shanghai

How is R4i Gold 3DS card in emulating free DS games ? Can we use it to play all DS/GBA/GBC games ? And will it be blocked by Nintendo in 2017 ? Want to find the answers to these questions ? Then read on!

R4I GOLD 3DS Supports Free Games on 3DS ?
Absolutely YES! R4i 3ds cards include not only R4i Gold 3DS card but also other R4i cards such as R4i Gold Pro, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS, R4i SDHC Silver RTS Lite and R4i SDHC Dual-core. These R4i cards support DS games on Nintendo 3DS/ New 3DS/2DS consoles as well as NDS/NDSi handhelds.
As to emulation, R4i Gold 3DS and other R4I flashcarts can work with DS homebrews and emulators to emulate old classic Nintendo games such as GBA, GBC, GB, SNES, NES on 3DS/NDS systems.

R4I GOLD 3DS supports Pokemon NDS/GBA/GBC games?

After some tests, it's confirmed that R4I GOLD 3DS can support almost all Poekmon titles in DS version. So R4i Gold 3DS has an excellent compatibility for Pokemon DS games. So if your only concern is to play Pokemon ds games, you can buy this card to play Free DS Roms on 3DS/NDS.

· Pokemon Black Version 2 (NDS)
·  Pokemon White Version 2 (NDS)
·  Pokemon HeartGold Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon SoulSilver Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Black Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon White Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Platinum Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Dash Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Diamond Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Pearl Version (NDS)
·  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team (NDS)
·  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (NDS)
·  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (NDS)
·  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (NDS)
·  Pokemon Ranger (NDS)
·  Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (NDS)
·  Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (NDS)
·  Pokemon Trozei (NDS)

R4I GOLD 3DS and Pokemon GBC games: you need one R4 GB/GBC game emulator called Lameboy DS to play Pokemon GB and GBC games. Lameboy DS, a fully-featured Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator supporting a huge number of games at full speed. This emulator also supports larger ROMs in excess of 2MB and provides save state support that works.

·  Pokemon Pinball (GBC)
·  Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (GBC)
·  Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)
·  Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
·  Pokemon Silver (GBC)
·  Pokemon Gold (GBC)
·  Pokemon Yellow (GBC)

These are Pokemon GBC games. If you want to play them with R4i Gold 3DS card, you should download and install Lameboy DS emulator to 3DS or DS console firstly.

R4i Gold 3DS and Pokemon GBA games: the worst emulation of R4i 3ds card is the GBA one currently. No R4I 3DS card can play GBA games well on 3DS with any Gameboy advance emulator. So for those who care more about playing Pokemon GBA games, then you should not buy the R4i Gold 3DS card but the DSTWO Plus or EZ Flash IV microSD version: DSTWO Plus is an upgraded card from the Supercard Dstwo, the one ever been the best GBA/SNES games supported card for years; while EZ Flash IV microSD version is especially for GBA games and is quite convenient to use since no emulator is needed.

·  Pokemon Emerald (GBA)
·  Pokemon FireRed (GBA)
·  Pokemon LeafGreen (GBA)
·  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GBA)
·  Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire (GBA)
·  Pokemon Ruby (GBA)
·  Pokemon Sapphire (GBA)

Will R4i Gold 3DS be blocked / patched by Nintendo in 2017 ?
There is very slim chance. Nintendo hasn’t patched R4i cards for years and they surely will never do it again because for now their major trouble is the increasing number of free 3ds exploits developed by different hackers. Nintendo try to patch them by releasing new system updates time after time, but the result isn’t that good. Whatever, R4i Gold 3DS card will still work on your 3DS/NEW3DS/2DS, NDS/NDSi consoles in 2017, and there is no need to worry about being blocked.

Posted in R4i SDHC By Hallie Hallie

Following the release of Gateway V4.1B Private Beta, Gateway 3DS official released a New Gateway Fast-Boot manual which is known as A9LH. In the following part, we will show you the detailed information and answer some confusions you may have about whether or not GW 3DS 4.1 firmware supports Nintendo 3DS 10.7 or 11.0 .

Gateway 3DS V4.1B Private Beta Firmware
Note: The GW Private beta is different from the Public beta -- if you want to use it with Gateway 3ds card on your 3DS/2DS/N3DS console, you should at least backup and know how to restore your 3DS Nand before using it. All your operation with GW 4.0 or 4.1b Private beta firmware is at your own risk!

Changelog of GW V4.1B Private Beta

  • · Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
  • · Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
  • · Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
  • · Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
  • · Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
  • · Menu lockout implemented


  • · DOWNLOAD GATEWAY 4.1 BETA (MD5: f3f8323a7ae0821824935d0ca002cddb)

GATEWAY 4.1 Firmware Fast-Boot Manual
To make sure the process to install Gateway Fast-Boot on your 3DS or N3DS is as clear and simple as possible, GW has released a new manual which you can find here.

Does Gateway 3DS 4.1B Beta support 3DS/2DS/N3DS 10.7 and 11.0 firmware or not ?
Did you notice the description on ? The Gateway official site writes in this way "Works on 2DS, 3DS & 3DS XL firmware up to 10.7". Don’t and never regard this as Gateway 3ds compatibility for 10.7 to lower 3ds firmware versions. The just means Gateway 3DS card can support EmuNAND 10.7 and 11.0 for now. If your 3DS/2DS/New 3DS console is on 9.3-11.O Sysnand, don’t buy Gateway 3DS card: it can’t play 3DS Games on your console! Below is the FAQ from official GW forum You can check the link here

Question: In the official Gateway 3DS site, it is specified that it “Works on 2DS, 3DS & 3DS XL firmware up to 10.7″.

Does that mean that if the 3DS is on official firmware up to 10.7, it’ll work?

I’ve heard a lot of different information (such as it’ll only work up to 9.2, compatibility to 10.3 in the works)...

Can someone please confirm the current official versions the gateway will work on?

Answer: It work on up to 10.7 emunand is what they mean. It actually works on 11.x emunand. It inly support 9.2 sysnand on any console. However if they got time machine working right you should be able to dowbgrade to 2.x to get whatever it is you need for the new gateway a9lh thing.

Conclusion: SKY3DS and SKY3DS+ are still the Only 2 flashcards supporting 3DS Game Roms on 3DS V11.0 to all lower 3DS system versions. Gateway 3DS is still just supporting within V4.1-V9.2 firmware range. Furthermore, SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ are much easier to use compared with Gateway 3ds card: just dowload, drag & plug, and then you can play Hundreds of Hot 3DS Games. It is your best choice in 2016, judging from the current 3DS hacking cards situation.

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

New Release for Gateway 3DS: the 4.1B PRIVATE BETA

Wednesday, 3 August 2016 16:48:36 Asia/Shanghai

It's been a long time since Gateway official team released their last GATEWAY 4.0B PRIVATE BETA in June. Now Gateway 4.1B PRIVATE BETA is ready. Are you wondering what it is about ? If so, just read on !

Gateway have had a tremendous amount of feedback after the Public Beta 4.0 release. They have worked hard on incooperating these feedback and bugreports, and now they released another minor update that should further improve the stability and reliability of our new GATEWAY FASTBOOT feature.

Without further ado, here’s a small changelog:

  • – Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
  • – Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
  • – Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
  • – Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
  • – Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
  • + Menu lockout implemented

The new Menu Lockout feature requires some further explanation: You’re all used to being able to get into the GATEWAY menu by holding down the [L] button during boot (or booting without a GATEWAY 3DS cart inserted).

From now on, any system installed with GATEWAY FASTBOOT (formerly known as `A9LH’) will require holding down L+select in order to get to the GATEWAY menu. This is to prevent the younger users of the system from accidentally triggering unintended actions from the GATEWAY menu. (Think of format emunand and such)

People who *don't* use GATEWAY FASTBOOT can still enter the menu by holding down [L], of course.

There was a minor error in the TIME MACHINE pack for the USA region which has been corrected, so please re-grab this pack if it affects your console’s region and you are planning on installing GATEWAY FASTBOOT. (This does not effect previous users who have already used the old data packs)

If you think this is all Gateway has been up to lately... we’re happy to let you know you are wrong! :-)

We have something very exciting upcoming, but as always; good things take time. Remember that Gateway is yet to let down their loyal customer base.. though the 3DS is a pretty dated system by now. Gateway team was here from the start, and will be here till the very end. Keep checking!

And as always, ENJOY!

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

For new beginners: to get a clearer idea of Gateway 3DS

Monday, 25 July 2016 13:54:10 Asia/Shanghai

What's Gateway 3DS ?
It's the world's first 3ds flashcart developed by Gateway team. Consisting of a blue card and a red card, Gateway 3ds supports 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL Sysnand firmware(V4.1-9.2)for playing 3DS games. By using Gateway 3ds flashcard, you can play nearly all the 3DS ROMs on your 3DS console for free.

Difference and relation between Sysnand and EmuNAND ?
Gateway 3DS differs from other 3DS flashcard by one of its most important features-- EmuNAND. Some new beginners often mix Sysnand up with EmuNAND, which often leads to some trouble in getting Gateway 3DS to work.

Sysnand: It is the original firmware version of your 3DS system. Usually you can find your 3DS's Sysnand version by go into the System Settings on the Home Menu, and it often shows as Ver. x.x.x-xx(such as my 3DS Sysnand version shows as Ver. 4.5.0-10U)

EmuNAND: It is the Emulating system which can be created by Gateway 3DS flashcard via executing "Format Emunand" in Gateway menu. If you are using Gateway 3DS card and Emunand has been successfully created, it normally shows as GW3D x.x.x-xx when you open System Settings in EmuNAND (My 3DS console's EmuNAND shows as GW3D 10.7.0-32U ).

What EmuNAND can do ?
As we know, Gateway 3DS card now can support Sysnand version 4.1-9.2. In this case, how to solve the problem if we want to play newer 3DS roms of higher version(for example V10.0.0) ? By updating the 3DS Sysnand to the higher version 10.0 ? However, if we do this, we won't be able to use Gateway 3DS any more since it supports only 3DS Sysnand V4.1-9.2 (the precondition of using Gateway 3DS)

EmuNAND can perfectly solve these problems and contradictions. Our 3DS console's Sysnand can remain at its original version between 4.1-9.2, and in the meanwhile we can update the EmuNAND to higher version.

Since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.7.1, Gateway 3DS can support EmuNAND 10.7 on O3DS and N3DS-- this means we can use Gateway 3DS to play nearly all latest 3DS game roms. (Also it's said on some famous forums that Gateway 3ds now even can support Emunand 11.0, though not officially confirmed by Gateway team.)

Gateway 3DS another important feature: cheats
We can also use the function of cheats since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.6 . This feature of Gateway 3DS enable us to cheating when playing 3DS games, and also make it easier to achieve progress in the game. All we need to do is download some cheat files or create cheat files by yourself.
Resources for downloading cheats file for Gateway 3DS:

· (Max Cheats, run by
· (Fort 42)

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

Smilehax, the latest 3ds homebrew entrypoint released by Plutoo, differs from his first exploit Freakyhax and can't be installed on O3DS/N3DS consoles with 3ds game hacking card SKY3DS+. Next we are showing you what SKY3DS+ can do and how to setup Smilehax on Nintendo 3DS.

Why SKY3DS+ can’t be used to setup Smilehax on 3DS ?

Smilehax is one of the 3ds homebrew entrypoints based upon the eShop 3DS game SmileBASIC 3, while SKY3DS+ is a 3ds flashcard emulating the retail 3ds cart which support 3DS cart Roms but not eShop 3ds games. This is why SKY3DS+ cannot be used to setup Smilehax on O3DS/N3DS consoles.

What SKY3DS+ can do on 3DS ?

  • · Multiple 3DS Games. SKY3DS+ let you download and play multiple 3ds games in only one cart.
  • · Free 3DS Games. SKY3DS+ supports playing downloaded 3ds roms or your own 3ds game backup without buying the retail game card.
  • · 3DS Game Switch. SKY3DS+ has 2 orange buttons, enabling you to switch between different 3ds games by pressing them back and forth.
  • · Work with MicroSD/SDHC card. SKY3DS+ is compatible with Microsd card up to 128gb, thus can store and play 10 to 100 3DS Games at a time.
  • · Access eshop to update 3DS Games, download DLC and so on. SKY3DS+ is just like a 3ds game card when it works on 3DS.
  • · Play online

What SKY3DS+ can't support on 3DS ?

  • · Other region 3DS Games differ from your console region.
  • · 3DS Homebrews.
  • · 3DS Cheats.

Which 3ds homebrew exploits SKY3DS+ can support ?
If a 3ds homebrew exploit can be supported by a certain game card, then it can also be installed by SKY3DS+ , for example the Freakyhax. In addition, whether or not we can use SKY3DS+ card to run one homebrew entrypoint, we are still able to use SKY3DS+ card on 3DS/NEW 3DS consoles. So we can overcome SKY3DS+ shortcoming -- using SKY3DS+ together with homebrews, we can play Multiple region 3ds games on 3ds handhelds.

Smilehax User Guide on 3DS/NEW 3DS


  • · A JAP or USA copy of the game (only available on the eShop)
  • · Recent 3DS firmware, including latest (11.0.0-33) as of this writing

Note: For USA versions, currently only SmileBASIC 3.31 is supported.

1. Get the homebrew starter kit from the homebrew launcher website and put it on your sdcard.
2. Enable WiFi on your 3DS.
3. Fill in your firmware version here:

4. Fill in your SmileBASIC version/region (see FAQ if you can’t find your version):

5. Click the “Create Programs with SmileBASIC” button.
6. Enter the following script manually in EDIT mode: “Please select a SmileBASIC version.”
7. Switch back to DIRECT mode, and write the following: SAVE “INSTALL”.
8. If you make a typo, you can write LOAD “INSTALL”, fix it, and save it again with SAVE “INSTALL“.
9. Execute it by writing RUN in DIRECT mode.
10. If everything went well, the screen will become blue, then green.
11. The game will exit with an “An error has occured” popup.
12. Start the game again. Now run the HAX script!

FAQ for Smilehax Installing
Q: How do I trigger the exploit?
A: After installation, you can run the exploit by clicking: Browse Projects → [DEFAULT] → HAX → confirm.

Q: My version isn’t supported. Help!
A: You can downgrade SmileBASIC by removing the installed upgrade from 3DS settings. American users on version lower than 3.31 can use another exploit by MrNbaYoh.

Smilehax VS BASICSploit

Posted By Hallie Hallie

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Set Ascending Direction