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You may have the doubts mentioned in this post before you buy a SKY3DS+ or SKY3DS flashcart. In today's post are the latest and full SKY3DS+/SKY3DS FAQ in 2016, hope you will find it helpful. For other question, pls feel free to contact us at

Most Important & Frequently-asked Questions about SKY3DS

Comparison of SKY3DS V1, SKY3DS V2 and SKY3DS+

Judging from the above table, we can easily know that SKY3DS+ is the best one to buy now, which supports new 3ds games, multiple roms without limits, game picking on 2 orange buttons and updatable firmware to overcome the next AP check of 3ds games.

What you should know about SKY3DS+/SKY3DS

1. SKY3DS+ is compatible with 2DS or NEW 3DS console?

Yes, SKY3DS+ is working directly on Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL consoles. They are all using 3DS Firmware which has been hacked by SKY3DS+ card, so don't worry about the SKY3DS+/SKY3DS compatibility for different 3DS handheld systems. You can find many videos of SKY3DS+ supporting on 2DS or N3DS handhelds.

2. Is it easy to update firmware of SKY3DS+ when it is needed for 3DS have a new system update?

Basically, updating SKY3DS+ firmware is not for the 3DS system updating, but due to the improvement of SKY3DS+ card itself. Moreover it's very easy and simple to update SKY3DS+ firmware:just download the file from, unzip it, you will get the firmware bin file and then put it into the root of micro sd card. Lastly, do the following things here, the SKY3DS+ card can be easily updated to the latest version. Currently the latest firmware of SKY3DS+ is V112.

  • · Insert your microSD card into SKY3DS+, connect your PC and SKY3DS+ with a USB cable(come with, which can also work as a USB Adapter once connection built).
  • · The LED red light will turn on for 10 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully. Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card!
  • · Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.

3. On average how big is a 3DS game? Which SD card size you should choose for SKY3DS+ ?

3DS game roms are varied in space: some can be as small as 130MB, while others can be as large as 4GB. SKY3DS+ supports them too; but for 3ds games about 4gb or larger size, you should trim the roms firstly before put it to the Micro sd card--- one commonly used tool is 3DSExplorer.

As for the SD card to choose for SKY3DS+, card size is not the biggest problem. You should care more about the speed/quality of your Microsd/sdhc. In general, "class10" or better Sandisk Card is recommended.

4. SKY3DS+ supports Multiple 3ds games with SD card? Can you put more than 1/10/31 roms in SKY3DS+ to play?

Yes, SKY3DS+ supports Multi-rom with sd card and loads one game ROM at a time. The 3DS regards SKY3DS+ card as a legitimate game. To switch between games you should press the back/forward buttons on the SKY3DS+ cart. You can save as many games to the microSD card in the SKY3DS+ as you like, no 10 or 31 game limits which SKY3DS v2 has.

5. Are there any games SKY3DS+ can't support ? Does it have game limitation too?

The latest 3DS games released recently all can be supported by SKY3DS+, without game number and AP check game limit. Furthermore, SKY3DS+ can support upcoming 3DS Games with no need for the team to update gamelist file. In a word, now one SKY3DS+ can let you play Almost ALL 3DS Games in the market.

6. Will SKY3DS+ be outdated in future or Nintendo will stop the card for playing new games again?

SKY3DS V2 maybe outdated in future but not the newest SKY3DS+-- it can be updated with firmware, so no need to worry. As for Nintendo's next step for SKY3DS+ cart, we have no clear idea. It may implement new game AP check again or not, but with updatable SKY3DS+ card, Nintendo's efforts can be bypassed within days.

7. Can you download the new update for the game on eshop for the game in SKY3DS+, what about DLC?

Yes you can update the games and buy DLC from the eshop.The SKY3DS+ emulates a real game cart... Anything you can do with an official game cartridge (download DLC etc) you can do with the SKY3DS+ too.

8. Is there any kind of cheat that SKY3DS+ support like the old NDS with R4 card?

Like we said above, SKY3DS+ is the emulating card of actual gamecard, so it can't support region free, game cheats, real-time save or homebrews like the R4i 3DS cart. By the way, Gateway 3ds is the only flashcard supports 3DS game cheats.

9. What's private game header for SKY3DS+ Plus and how to get it?

A private header is a unique id that each gamecard has for online play. When you going online, Nintendo can see the header of each player connected since roms coming from actual gamecard they have the cards id. When Nintendo sees more than one player with the same header then those consoles will be banned. So if you want to play online with SKY3DS+, you need a private header from an actual gamecard. There are a couple ways to get a private header from a gamecard you can google it. One good example is here:

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Tutorial: How to Give Your Mii Gold Pants in Streetpass Mii Plaza

Thursday, 14 July 2016 15:59:05 Asia/Shanghai

Normally, only special distribution Mii's from Nintendo and such can have gold pants in Streetpass Mii Plaza. You can now edit your Mii to have gold pants instantly to appear famous to other streetpassers. Though this method has been known for a while, many guides were completely outdated and difficult to follow. JK Save Manager makes everything ten times easier!

- 3DS Mii Modifier v1.2 (Thanks to GamerDudeK)
- JK Save Manager

1. Run JK Save Manager (Either from CFW, or Homebrew Launcher is fine).
2. Go to Shared ExtData -> F000000B -> Export Data (Name it anything).
3. Plug your SD into your computer or use an FTP app.
4. Run "3DS Mii Modifier.exe"
5. Browse into SD:/JKSM/Shared/F000000B/[NameOfYourBackup]/
6. Choose the file called "CFL_DB.dat"
7. Look on top where it says "Personal Mii", tick the check box that says "Make celebrity/Gold pants"
8. Click on "Save" on the bottom. It will open command prompt, and then you'll get a message saying it's done.
9. Open JK Save Manager, go to Shared ExtData -> F000000B -> Import Data.
10.Open StreetPass Mii Plaza.
11.Click on your Mii, choose "Mii Settings" and then "Change Mii".
12.Choose your primary Mii.

Done, your Mii will have gold pants now!

Posted By Hallie Hallie

It's possible to transfer save files from one region to another through an app called JK Save Manager. Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus is an example of a Japanese game, in which you could export & Import it's save into the USA/EUR version of Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Basically, the saves you export can be imported on any region of the game. Also anybody can import the save, not just you. So feel free to share your saves with others!

Note: It's been reported that not every game can have it's save transferred, such as Monster Hunter 4G to MH4U for example. Most games can have their saves transferred though.

JK Save Manager

[Export the save]
1. Install JK Save Manager's cia and launch the app.
2. Let JK Save Manager load up your list of titles. Choose refresh games if necessary. For each new game you install on your 3DS, you'll have to refresh this list for it to show up at all. It basically cache's your list of games forever.
3. Go to "SD/Cia" and choose the game that you plan to export from.
4. Choose "Export save" and choose "new". Name it anything you want, I prefer to name mine based on the date.
5. Now look for the other game you wish to import the save to and export the save.
(Note: Before you'll be able to export this save, you must have launched the game at least once for it to create save data.)
6. Keep pressing B until the app exits out.

[Import the save]
1. Put your SD card into a computer (This step can also be done with CTRXplorer on your 3DS if you know how to use it).
2. Navigate into "SD:/JKSV/Saves/(NameofGame)/ .
3. Once in the game's folder, copy all files in this directory.
4. Go back once, and go into the target game's folder that you wish to import the save for.
5. Paste the files here, and choose replace.
6. Put the SD back into the 3DS and launch JK Save Manager.
7. Go to "SD/Cia", then your target game that you're importing for.
8. Choose "Import save file" and it will import the save.
9. Keep pressing B until it exits out.
10. Launch your game and see if the save file works (Which it should).

All is done and enjoy !

Posted By Hallie Hallie

The Prospect of Nintendo NX: will it Have a Portable Handset ?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 10:13:42 Asia/Shanghai

Though Nintendo hasn't formally published details about their new generation consoles NX so far, many rumors about Nintendo NX still goes and some of Nintendo's patent have already been exposed for a while. According to relevant news, information and patent released last year, it indicates that NX may be containing both home console and handheld console.

Few days ago, a new patent of Nintendo was exposed, perhaps showing the model of Nintendo NX. Judging from the report of a foreign site, this patent was applied in December 2015 by Nintendo, however not having appeared until recently. Also a fresh patent shows a simple and square touch-based interface, though the focus of the application if on sound and vibration technology.

Besides that focus, one of our favorite images shows a peripheral which can be placed on the core device; as we can see, it replaces parts of the screen that would otherwise be virtual buttons with physical inputs. Obviously, it's quite similar in concept to plenty of controller options available on smart devices. Though it being just a patent, we would expect the final product to have much more of a "Nintendo touch".

This patent is interesting primarily for the fact that it reinforces the prospect of a portable aspect to Nintendo NX. With Nintendo having merged its portable and home console departments some years ago, talk of a "new way to play" and the sense that the company want to shift to one set of development projects rather than supporting two (as with Wii U / 3DS), then it certainly seems very likely.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

What Are the Changes on the New V11.0.0-33 for New 3DS & Old 3DS ?

Friday, 8 July 2016 14:38:43 Asia/Shanghai

There may be a lot of misinformation going around concerning what changed with 3ds firmware v11.0.0-33, so this article is designed to clear up about this.

The New 3DS V11.0.0-33 update was released for both N3DS and O3DS consoles on 9th May, 2016 for all regions. The Nintendo official changelog can be found here and also a 3dbrew page with technical details can be found at here.

Confirmed 1:
arm9loaderhax users are safe to update SysNAND and EmuNAND / RedNAND.
Confirmed 2:
EmuNAND/RedNAND users are safe to update their EmuNAND / RedNAND (but never SysNAND!).

FYI, any users of this GUIDE (or in general Luma3DS + NTR firmware bin) will be completely unaffected by most of these changes since the NTR firmware bin replaces 11.0.0's firmware with firmware of a lower version.

The Changes (or Lack Thereof)
Cubic Ninja [ninjhax]

  • · Lost access to both http:C and soc:U, which means Cubic Ninja on any version 11.0.0 and above will no longer be able to download it’s payload off the internet. This means more code must be squeezed into the space of a single QR code, however smea believes this is only a temporary problem and can be worked around given time.
  • · Received codebin physical-memory randomization which was originally added for the eShop in 10.4.0-29, and this temporarily makes launching the exploit very unreliable until an update is released.

Ocarina Of Time 3D [oot3dhax]

  • · Received codebin physical-memory randomization which was originally added for the eShop with 10.4.0-29, which temporarily makes launching the exploit very unreliable until an update is released.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon [supermysterychunkhax]

  • · Nothing

VVVVVV [(v*)hax]

  • · Nothing

Super Smash Bros. [smashbroshax]

  • · Nothing


  • · fpdver was incremented once again, meaning that once a server-side toggle is flipped (usually about a week after release of updates), users with outdated friends-sysmodules will be unable to play online.


  • · This function which is used for many arm11 kernel applications such as BootNTR and RetroArch, was completely removed. This will temporarily break applications that use it unless you are running the latest Luma3DS commit.

“svchax” (aka memchunkhax2.1)

  • · This was not truly patched once and for all, but has had some complications introduced
  • · New security checks in kernel heaps were added which makes “svchax” require extremely precise timing & trickery to execute, breaking it (probably permanently) until a fix is implemented.
  • · Downgrading in general, regardless of any arm11 kernel exploits (like svchax) released in the future, has been broken (possibly permanently). The firmware is now containing a hardcoded list of minimum versions and won't let us install a system title of a lower version than in the list, even though we have the permission to install our own titles. This makes downgrading on V11.0.0’s firmware impossible if no software workaround is found.
  • · Currently there is a hardmod workaround to flash an older firm to NAND and re-enable downgrading, but this possibly would be fixed in v11.1.0 and it’s only fortunate that it hasn’t been fixed yet.
Posted By Hallie Hallie

We are going to share with you the upcoming big 3DS games before next year 2017, also in the meanwhile, whether they can be supported by SKY3DS+ flashcard on 3DS V11.1 or higher version.

Big 3DS Release before 2017 in NA/EU

Monster Hunter Generations [3DS]

Date: 15th July (NA & EU)

The localised name for Monster Hunter X (Cross), it is a significant & ambitious entry for the series since it not only plays up to nostalgia with re-imagined past-generation villages and monsters, but also delivers a lot of new content. The 'Prowler' campaign allows you to fight as a Palico, while four distinct hunting styles speed up and evolve the core fighting mechanics. We just recently wrote an extensive preview to tell you all about it.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force (and Blast Ball) [3DS]

Date: 19th August (NA) / 2nd September (EU)

Oh yes, many of us are standing by this one. This is a title that wasn’t exactly warmly welcomed following its E3 2015 reveal, yet it's the latest project from Next Level Games, a studio that's done terrific work with Nintendo’s franchises and most recently brought us Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The art style and the idea that the next Metroid Prime will be a co-op portable shooter starring chibi-style Federation Force troopers is hardly what fans had in mind, but this could actually be a good game at its core. Time will tell and we’re keen to give it a chance.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past [3DS]

Date:16th September (NA & EU)

This remake / port has been long in demand by Western audiences, and so Square Enix delighted many people when teaming up with Nintendo to make it a reality. StreetPass will feature to add even more dungeons and a number of tweaks were made to make the title more welcome ahead of its previous release in Japan, including the removal of random encounters. We were rather impressed by it.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 [3DS]

Date: 30th September (NA)

Arguments can be made for some in the Honourable Mentions to nick this spot, but this writer loved the original so much that an executive decision was made. Its release date is a recent announcement, and it seems likely PAL territories won’t be far behind, with the game coming to the eShop solus and to stores in a double pack with the original. Yacht Club Games is publishing and Inti Creates is developing once again, which gives us confidence, and it’ll even have its own anime series later in the year.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse [3DS]

Date: Q3 (NA)

Perhaps a slightly controversial inclusion in the main list due to the fact that its localised version is only confirmed for North America by far, we nevertheless felt it deserved better than the Honourable Mentions list. Originally called Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final in Japan, this ties into events from Shin Megami Tensei IV, though you don’t necessarily have to play that one first; it has a plot and characters that partially overlap. For fans of the series it also offers a few twists to the gameplay formula; we enjoyed a recent dabble with it at E3.

Mario Party Star Rush [3DS]

Date: 7th October (EU) / 4th November (NA)

Sure, this one lifted its box art from SpagettiOs, but nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise out of E3. The focus of this entry and in particular one of its Toad-heavy main modes is to take away any sense of waiting around, appeasing complaints from other recent entries. The prospect of moving and playing at the same time as others, while elbowing them in the ribs during minigames is promising. After all a bit of extra chaos in a party is rarely a bad thing.

Pokémon Sun and Moon [3DS]

Date: 18th November (NA) / 23rd November (EU)

Since the announcement earlier this year,the Pokémon Company has been cranking up the hype machine, unveiling plenty of details for these November titles. In recent-ish times we’ve seen the game’s world, been introduced to its cast and quirky new take on the Pokédex, and also started to see a number of new mon. These games pretty much sell themselves and Nintendo will certainly be hoping that is the case as they will arrive in the crowded Holiday season.

SKY3DS+ hacks 3DS V11.1, 11.2 and even more higher firmware versions?
Theoretically speaking, the update of 3DS Firmware has no affect on SKY3DS+ card. If Nintendo wants to block the 3ds card, it has to change or add something to retail game cartridge not the 3ds firmware. Because SKY3DS plus plays games on 3DS not via any exploit but by emulating 3ds retail game cards. So each time 3DS System is updated, whether or not it's change or improvements in what aspects, the SKY3DS and SKY3DS+ cards are working on Nintendo 3DS family consoles as well as before. As a conclusion, we can show you the SKY3DS+ compatibility for 3DS Firmware versions.

· 3DS V11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 to more higher versions
· 3DS V11.0 to V9.2
· 3DS V9.2 to V4.1
· 3DS V4.1 to V1.0
· 3DS, 3DS XL/NEW3DS, NEW 3DS XL/2DS consoles

SKY3DS+ supports 3DS Games released in 2015, 2016 or 2017?
Accoring to Sky3ds official site, SKY3DS+ with firmware updatable can be used without game limit and updating regularly gamelist file. But can we really play 3ds games released in 2015, 2016 and 2017 with SKY3DS+ ? The answer is as follows.

SKY3DS+ and 2015 3ds games: Aftet testing, SKY3DS+ can play 2015 3ds games such as
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
LEGO Jurassic World
Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows
The Legend of Legacy
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

SKY3DS+ and 2016 3ds games: Aftet tesing, SKY3DS+ can play 2016 3ds games such as
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers
Project X Zone 2
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Bravely Second: End Layer
Pokemon Rumble World
Pocket Card Jockey

SKY3DS+ and 2017 3ds games

The following games are the 3ds titles to be released in 2017 or later. We can’t assure you that SKY3DS plus will support them or not. But we can say if there is no new Anti Piracy check in the 2017 3ds games, SKY3DS+ will be more likely to support them on 3DS/N3DS/2DS consoles in the next year. When these games are released in the future, we will try to test them with SKY3DS+ card and tell you the result.So just keep an eye on our site, you will know which are the latest and hottest 3DS Games you can play with SKY3DS+.

· Etrian Odyssey V
· Dragon Quest XI (dream scenario)
· Yokai watch 3
· Monster Hunter Stories
· Dragon Quest XI
· Story of Seasons Trio of Towns
· Ever Oasis

Posted in SKY3DS By Hallie Hallie

Does SKY3DS+ Plus Support Local Multiplayer or Download Play on N3DS XL?

Thursday, 30 June 2016 14:36:53 Asia/Shanghai

Does SKY3DS+ Plus support local multiplayer or download play ? The 3ds jailbreak flashcard which can support Nintendo 3ds games on 3DS/N3DS XL ? Does it support download play just like the retail game card and R4 ? You will find the answers by following this article.

Introduction on 3DS Download Play
Nintendo DS/3DS family consoles are featured with Download Play, which is mainly about letting users play a game locally with someone else who doesn't own this game(for games supporting this sort of playing). For example, playing Mario Kart 7 with someone not owning the Mario Kart 7 3ds games. Furthermore, it supports DS/3DS units to send and receive game demos, with which feature you can enjoy multiplayer 3ds games with your friends or family members without them buying the same retail game card again.

Download play works on 3DS and DS seperately and the differences are as below. Users can directly launch Download Play application from HOME Menu.

  • · DS Download Play supports ds games, while 3DS Download Play supports both ds and 3ds games.
  • · If download play on DS console is launched, the system will begin to search for a DS game and won’t stop until it finds one or it is exited. While for download play launched on 3DS, if it does not find a game, it will stop searching and ask the player if they want to search again.

SKY3DS+ flashcart: supports Download Play or Local Multiplayer ?
YES! SKY3DS+ supports download play or local multiplayer,just like retail 3ds game cards. Even if you use 3ds game hacking card SKY3DS+ instead of a certain game cartridge to play 3ds games, the 3ds games involved can be searched by 3ds download play or be used by yourself. It is safe to play through download play straight from a downloaded .3DS rom which SKY3DS+ supports. Meanwhile you don't have to worry about Nintendo ban for public gamer header that SKY3DS+ card use. Thus playing through Download play/Local Multiplayer and downloading game updates are completely fine without private headers, but go online in-game SKY3DS+ card users may be banned.

Download Play Supports All 3DS Games as SKY3DS+ ?
No, it doesn't. Not as many 3ds games as supported by SKY3DS+ can support download play or multiplayer and only a few 3ds games are compatible with download play on 3DS/N3DS XL consoles. Please take a look at the games supporting download play in the following table. So if you want to play All 3DS games on N3DS XL device, you need to get a 3ds flashcart SKY3DS+, which supports all 3ds retail game roms on 3DS/N3DS/2DS consoles.

Posted in SKY3DS By Hallie Hallie

Review on 3DS Zero Time Dilemma, is it supported by 3DS R4i chip?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 14:37:33 Asia/Shanghai

What's the newest and most popular 3ds game currently? The answer is Zero Time Dilemma, a game that will be released for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on June 28th, and in Japan on June 30th. It also has a PC version, which is planned to be released worldwidely on June 30th. Today's post is about review on 3DS Zero Time Dilemma and whether it's compatible with R4i 3DS on 3DS/3DS XL(LL).

Review on 3DS Zero Time Dilemma
The reviews for Zero Time Dilemma have been overwhelmingly positive and it looks like it's going to be something of a masterpiece! Please note that some of the reviews included are of the PS Vita version. The vast majority of the reviews only cite gameplay and story without touching on the graphical differences between the Vita and 3DS.

Metacritic: 85(It keeps the reviews for each version of a game separate)
OpenCritic: 88(It groups them together to give the game a single score)

We Got This Covered – 5/5
Zero Time Dilemma wraps up the long-running Zero Escape series in style. Presentation issues aside, it’s the masterpiece we’ve been waiting for, and the one that the fans deserve.

Destructoid – 9.5/10
Zero Time Dilemma is nothing short of a flawed masterpiece.

GamingTrend – 9/10
Zero Time Dilemma takes some bold strides to tell the series’ final chapters, but even when it falters, it’s never slow to catch back up and deliver. Through well-designed escape rooms, brilliant writing and narrative decisions, and a more relatable cast than ever, Zero Time Dilemma puts the most deserving and exceptional final touches on this excellent trilogy.

Hardcore Gamer – 4/5
While it ends up feeling a bit like the weakest game in the series so far, even a weak Zero Escape game is still an absolute delight, and Zero Time Dilemma is no exception.

NintendoWorldReport – 7.5/10
I'm glad that I got to see the series through to the end. Though it answered some of the questions I had while replaying the prior games, the execution of Zero Time Dilemma itself has some rough patches and relying on our message boards/GameFAQs/other places of ill repute is going to cause a lot of problems for those playing it day one. If you haven’t played the two prequels, at least play Virtue’s Last Reward first.

Can we play 3DS Zero Time Dilemma with R4i SDHC/R4i 3DS chip?
Simply speaking, R4i SDHC or R4i 3DS cartridge is the item which cracks 3DS and DSi firmware to run free DS Roms or DS game backups. It has other features too, but its main function is to let you play All free DS ROMs in a single cart without buying any retail ds game card! Therefore, Zero Time Dilemma in 3DS version can’t be supported by R4i SDHC/R4i 3DS card.
However, SKY3DS+ card is making it possible: you can play 3DS Zero Time Dilemma with the SKY3DS+ card. It supports Nintendo 3ds games on 3DS family models, and you can use SKY3DS+/SKY3DS plus to play many other 3ds games besides 3DS Zero Time Dilemma, such as Pocket Card Jockey, Disney Art Academy, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Pokemon Rumble World and around 400 3DS Games. They will be totally free for you if you have one SKY3DS+ card with MicroSD.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

Where to download NDS, GBA, 3DS games for playing on 3DS console?

Monday, 27 June 2016 16:24:37 Asia/Shanghai

What's the safe sites to download NDS, GBA, 3DS and .CIA games? Can we use 1 or 2 cards(R4i 3DS, DSTWO Plus, SKY3DS+) to play the different types of games on Nintendo 3DS? Here we are showing you where to download these free roms online and how to play them on 3DS family consoles.

Where to download GBA, SNES, NES games on the internet?
GBA Games fully referred to as Game Boy Advance games, these games are released for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance consoles. But if you want to play it on 3DS or DS handheld system, there are ways to make it possible. Firstly, let's see where to download them.

GBA game download site:

  • ·
  • ·
  • ·

If downloading from these sites, you won't get the .exe but the GBA rom directly. You only need to unzip the files you get. So you should download GBA games in

SNES Game: Exclusive games played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (officially abbreviated the Super NES or SNES). But you can play the games on other handhelds too with SNES emulators. Emulation of the SNES is now available on many handheld units, such as Android devices, Apple's iPhone and iPad, Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP), the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, the Gizmondo, the Dingoo and the GP2X by GamePark Holdings, as well as PDAs. Recently, 10 SNES game titles are added to NEW 3DS Virtual Console. They are F-Zero, Pilotwings, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, EarthBound and so on.

SNES Game download page:

  • ·
  • ·
  • ·

You can download SNES games from the above sites. The sites are available for downloading SNES games online, tested and confirmed, no virus and no survey. You can get Super NES roms directly on the PC after unzip the file you download.

NES Game: The Nintendo Entertainment System games. NES can be emulated on 3DS and DS systems as well. Besides the Virtual Console for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U also offers emulation for many NES games; R4 card emulator and homebrew emulator both let you play NES games on NEW 3DS, 3DS, 2DS and old DS handhelds.

NES Game download link:

  • ·
  • ·
  • ·

The first two sites are more recommended. If downloading from the last link, you may get the .exe file firstly, and then have to install to get a rom.

How to play DS, GBA, SNES and NES games with one cartridge on Nintendo 3DS?
In this case, you need one 3ds flashcard, that's the DSTWO Plus. It supports NDS, GBA, SNES and 3DS games within one flash cartridge. DSTWO Plus is the ds game hacking card based on the Supercard DSTWO. It can play DS Games on 3DS V11.0.0-33 and DSI V1.45, and it works on NEW 3DS, 3DS, 2DS, DS, DSI, DSL and DS Lite consoles. For playing nintendo ds games via the card, you only need to download DSTWO Plus EOS and DS Roms to one microSD card. But for playing SNES, GBA and 3DS games, you should download extra files-the emulators for GBA/SES, and the GW plugin for 3DS games(for 3DS V4.1-9.2). Here are the videos to showing you DSTWO Plus supports DS, GBA and SNES on 3DS console.

On the other hand, if you don't care much about GBA game emulation, we will recommend the R4i 3DS flashcards, supporting free DS games play on Nintendo 3ds too.They are good choices to play downloaded DS roms, allowing you to access all ds games, saves and play hundreds of ds roms in only one R4i card. In addition, R4I 3DS card supports region free, ds homebrews, gba/snes/nes emulators, moonshell and real-time save features on 3DS and DS series consoles.

Posted in DSTWO PLUS By Hallie Hallie

3DS Plus flashcards comparison: will they support 3DS V11.1?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 15:26:56 Asia/Shanghai

Hereby 3DS Plus flashcards refer to SKY3DS Plus(or SKY3DS+) and DSTWO Plus in the market, and they are hacking Nintendo 3DS, NEW3DS and 2DS consoles to play DS, 3DS, GBA, SNES and NES games. What can they do on Nintendo 3DS ? What's the difference between them and will they support upcoming 3ds v11.1?

3DS Plus flashcards for Nintendo 3DS

What DSTWO Plus can do on 3DS/N3DS XL ?
DSTWO Plus is the best cart for playing multiple DS, GBA and SNES games on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS and DS consoles. It comes from team and is an upgraded product of Supercard DSTWO, which is the most powerful DS game flashcard in previous days. DSTWO Plus supports DS games, GBA/SNES games with exclusive emulators as well as 3DS games. That's why it's called the fabulous "4 in 1" card. So DSTWO Plus is perfect for those who want to play not only 3DS games but also NDS, GBA and SNES games on 3DS handhelds. FYI, DSTWO Plus supports 3DS v4.1-9.2 for playing 3DS roms, while for other DS/GBA/SNES games, it can support any firmware version of 3DS/NDS.

  • · Works on NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS/DSI/DSL/DS to run Free NDS Games
  • · Cracks 3DS V11.0 and DSI V1.45 to run Dstwo Plus EOS, GBA emulator(TempGBA) and SNES(CatSFC) emulator.
  • · Let you play region free NDS Games on all 3DS and DS consoles.
  • · Let you play free 3DS Games on 3DS V4.1--V9.2.
  • · Supports Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion during DS gameplay.

What SKY3DS Plus can do on 3DS/N3DS XL
SKY3DS Plus is another type of 3ds flashcart in the market, which is supporting 3DS games (not NDS games) on 3DS family consoles. SKY3DS+ Plus released by is the second generation product, and it's an upgraded product on the basis of SKY3DS blue button card. SKY3DS+ Plus is the hottest 3ds game flashcart for the time being, supporting most of 3DS games, all 3DS firmware versions(including the latest V11.0), and being featured with every 3ds retail card characteristics. For playing free 3ds games in 2016, undoubtedly, SKY3DS+ Plus is the best choice for you!

  • · Works on NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS to run Free 3DS Roms.
  • · Hacks 3DS V11.0 to run SKY3DS+ Firmware.
  • · Supports to play most of 3DS games released till for now such as Kirby: Planet Robobot, Disney Art Academy,Pokemon Rumble World,Youkai Watch, Fire Emblem Conquest and more others.
  • · Supports eShop access to download DLC, game updates and so on.
  • · Compatible with 3ds exploit to run other region 3ds roms, GBA/SNES emulators, and many free apps on Nintendo 3DS.

Comparison of 3DS Plus flashcards in 2016

Will SKY3DS+ Plus card support 3DS V11.1?
Sooner or later, Nintendo 3ds will release another 3ds firmware update, probably 3ds 11.1.0-34. Will SKY3DS+ Plus flashcard support this new firmware as usual? Yes, in fact, the SKY3DS+ flashcard is not patched by recent Nintendo 3ds update, so every time a new 3ds system version is released, it only blocks some free 3ds exploits such as browserhax,homemenuhax,ironhax,tubehax. But for flashcards, whether it is R4 3DS or SKY3DS+ Plus card, they are working on the latest 3DS FW directly as well as before. So even on 3ds v11.1 or future firmware version, you can get proper flashcards for playing free 3DS, NDS, GBA, SNES games!

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