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Tutorial: how to play 3ds roms with Gateway 3DS flashcart

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 09:39:04 Asia/Shanghai

* Gateway 3ds flashcart (one blue card, one red card);
* Two microSD cards(one for Gateway Blue card, and the other for Gateway Red card), formatted as FAT32;
* SD card in the 3ds console (formatted as FAT32).


1. Download "GATEWAY ULTRA v3.5.1 PUBLIC BETA", unzip this file. Copy all the files under the folder "Blue Card (R4i)" onto the root of the microSD card for Gateway Blue card. As below picture shows:

2. Copy "Launcher.dat" from the folder GW_Ultra_3.5.1_BETA onto the root of SD card of the 3DS console. See as below:

3. Copy several 3ds roms onto the root of the microSD card for Gateway red card.

4. Insert the SD card into the 3DS console and then power on the console. Insert the Gateway Blue card(with microSD card in) into the 3ds console. Select the flashcart icon and press A.
Then the screen shows as below:

5. Select "NVRAM INSTALLER" and press A. Press A again to continue.
Then select the Console type and press A; then select the Console region and press A,
and after that PROGRAMMING & VERIFYING begins. As below shows:

6. After it is done, press A to exit. As below shows:

7. Then it will prompt you to press HOME button or POWER OFF button. Please make sure to press HOME button to return to HOME menu.(Do not press POWER OFF!)

8. At the HOME menu, select System settings-Other Settings- Profile- Nintendo DS Profile successively.

9. Then the Gateway Menu will show as below:

10. Pull out the Gateway Blue card and insert the Gateway Red card(with microSD card and 3ds roms in) Select the first "BOOT GATEWAY MODE" and press A.
After a few seconds, it will go to the HOME menu. Now the flashcart icon is empty.

11. Press SELECT button and the game list will appear, as below:

12. Select one 3ds rom and press A to confirm. Then press A to start.

13. Enjoy your 3ds games now!

Note: If it doesn't go back to HOME menu automatically after you press A to BOOT GATEWAY MODE(Step 10), or if it gets stuck at blackscreen after you doing so, just power off the 3DS console first.
And then start all the above operations again; until when the Gateway menu appears, look to the right and find FORMAT EMUNAND. Select it and press A to start. After it is done, go back to the first BOOT GATEWAY MODE and press A. This time it should work!

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

SKY3DS+ is released: more powerful and flexible

Wednesday, 2 December 2015 11:59:46 Asia/Shanghai

SKY3DS+ features:
* Included all the features of SKY3DS;
* Switch game back and forth by Two Orange Buttons;
* Much easier to use,copy and play, NO DiskWriter required;
* Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
* AP checks solved;
* Firmware updatable.


Guide for operation:
1.Format the MicroSD card to be FAT32 in Windows,and copy the 3ds roms into it directly(NO diskwriter tool required any more).

2.Download the newest gamelist.bin (something like the template file used by the old SKY3DS card previously, sky3ds team will keep it updated constantly for new games later) from, and then copy it into the root of the MicroSD card.

3.Now enjoy your games! You can switch among games by pressing the orange buttons back and forth.

A settings.txt file and other .sav files will be built in your MicroSD card once you start to play games. Open the settings.txt, set the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1(default 0, can change it anytime later) and save it. A ".CFG" file will be created in your MicroSD card after a game has
been played, which includes the specific info for that game(CART_ID,FLASH_ID…); also you can build your own .CFG file for playing a new game(or an online game) later if you know how to get those info properly, which means you don't have to wait for the updated gamelist.bin file by the sky3ds official site. The .CFG file has a higher priority than a gamelist.bin file.

Firmware Update:
SKY3DS+ will come with the newest firmwareV4(FIRMWARE_VERSION=4 in the settings.txt, you don't need to do any update at the moment), and the sky3ds team will keep it updated on the official site if needed.

1.Download the updated firmware.bin from, and copy it into the root of your MicroSD card.

2.Insert your MicroSD card into the SKY3DS+, and connect your PC and SKY3DS+ with a USB cable(come with, which can also work as a USB Adapter once connection built).

3.The LED red light will turn on for about 10 seconds, and then turn to green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds. Once the light turns off it means the SKY3DS+ has been updated successfully.
Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keeps flashing, it might damage your SKY3DS+ card!

4.Delete the firmware.bin file from your MicroSD card.

Posted in SKY3DS By Hallie Hallie

Guide on supercard DSTWO PLUS: How to play 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games on 3DS

Thursday, 19 November 2015 13:12:59 Asia/Shanghai

As is known to us, DSTWO PLUS has striking features that it can support all 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES roms in only one card, which is the so-called 4in1 card. It's by far the only one flashcart that has achieved this function!
Below is the detailed guide on how to play 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games on 3DS console at one time with supercard DSTWO PLUS. Hopefully it will be helpful to you.

You need to know these things before you get started:
Since supercard DSTWO PLUS is the combination of Gateway 3DS and DSTWO, we currently can only play 3DS games on 3DS system firmware below V9.2.
However, we can also EmuNand system firmware to latest version to play eshop games, online games and 3ds games with region free, which is just like gateway.

As for playing DS/GBA/SNES games, the method is the same as using DSTWO and users can use supercard DSTWO PLUS on all Nintendo console with all firmware version, including the latest version V10.2.0-28 without any problems.

Preparation work:
3DS console, USB card reader, MicroSD card(recommending 8GB or higher)and supercard DSTWO PLUS.

1. Download DSTWO Plus EOS V1.14 firmware & DSTWO Plus Gateway Plugin V1.03, and you will get the below two files:

2. Unzip these two files and you will get the two folders below(for 3ds games, go to step 3; for DS games,directly go to step 5;  for GBA/SNES games, go to step 6)

3. Copy the above two folders onto the root of your MicroSD card. Copy the "Launcher.dat" file from the "GATEWAY ULTRA 3.4.1" into the root of your 3DS console SD card.
4. To play 3ds games, you need to put the 3ds roms into the MicroSD card as well, and now your MicroSD card should have the contents as below picture shows:

Then insert the MicroSD card into DSTWO PLUS flashcart and then put the DSTWO PLUS into your 3DS console. Power on and as you can see my 3DS console version is V4.2.0-9U :

After powering on the 3DS console, you will see the supercard DSTWO PLUS icon as below:

Select the icon and press A to enter into the below interface. Select the Gateway plugin icon and go to set up the Gateway mode:

Press A to choose the console type and console version, and then the programming and verifying will start. After it's finished, press A to exit. The console will restart and please press HOME button to go back to the HOME Menu.(NOTE: make sure not to click power off button )

At the HOME menu, click "System Settings- Other Settings- Profile- Nintendo DS Profile" successively, and then the console will restart and go back to home menu, you should see as below:

Press select button and you should see the game list as below. Just choose one game and enjoy!

5. To play DS games, you just need to put the downloaded NDS roms into your MicroSD card. Then into the DSTWO PLUS and the 3DS console. Power on the 3DS console and select the flashcart icon and click it. Then choose the following DS_GAME icon and you can enjoy playing DS games !

6. To play GBA/SNES, please download GBA/SNES Emulator and GBA/SNES roms. Put them together into your MicroSD card, and then you can play. The method is the same as DSTWO, see as below:

* Download DSTWO Plus EOS V1.14 and GBA Emulator TempGBA v1.45

* Unzip the GBA Emulator. Then copy the below three files to the root of your MicroSD card as shown below. Copy the GBA roms to the "GAMES" folder of the "TEMPGBA".

* Insert the MicroSD card into the DSTWO PLUS and then insert into the 3DS console. Power on, click the flashcart icon and then click the TempGBA icon. Then go on to enojoy GBA games!

Posted in DSTWO PLUS By Hallie Hallie

DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03 is now updated

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 14:37:58 Asia/Shanghai

About DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03

1. Improved CARD2 save speed.
2. Fixed play 3ds games online error.

With DSTWO PLUS and the new Gateway plugin, what you need to do is rather simple.


Download the DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03, unzip the file and copy the folder "_dstwoplug" to the root of the MicroSD card.

Together with the _dstwo folder and the 3ds roms on the root of the MicroSD card. You can enjoy the games.

The new Gateway plugin enable us to emulate the Gateway flashcart, with no region limitations, while at the same time only one card is enough!

Posted in DSTWO By Hallie Hallie

DSTWO PLUS is releasing in October

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:57:37 Asia/Shanghai

Today we have good news from that they are going to release the DSTWO PLUS new page later today !

It will support all 3DS, NDS, SFC, GBA !
Chinese site:
English site:

DSTWO PLUS--- One flash cart for All.
Based on the Supercard DSTWO, DSTWO PLUS provides a super plug in it and can support 3DS games now. It is the only flashcard that supports 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game in the world !

DSTWO PLUS ‘s powerful onboard CPU and the 32MB running RAM allow for built-in support of GAME BOY Advance (GBA) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) games and other amazing realtime features which are available during gameplaying. DSTWO PLUS has 4 times flash and 2 times CPLD than those of DSTWO. It begins with the DSTWO PLUS....
Now it’s time to go beyond 3DS ! It can support 3DS new version through upgradable firmware system in the future.

About 4 in 1
1.Emulate the GATEWAY plug in. (Support 3DS games)
With the super GATEWAY plug in and DSTWO PLUS hardware, it can emulate GATEWAY flashcard. It’s unnecessary using two cards, just ONE being enough ! With GATEWAY plug in, it provides 3DS games support. No region limitation, any version of games can work on any version’s 3DS. This plug in is very easy to use, just like always.

2.DS games Support (DSTWO EOS)
It’s the No.1 DS flashcart, the perfect DS game play system in the world ! DSTWO EOS system has a lot of powerful functions: Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion. 32MB running RAM fixes a lot of TF lag problems, this problem can corrupt game.

3.GBA games support(TempGBA)
Based on the official GBA emulator, TempGBA is the best and the only one with which people can play GBA games on 3DS. And it’s the only one that runs Golden Sun perfectly.

4.SNES games support(CatSFC)
It’s a perfect SNES emulator with the powerful hardware, which makes DSTWO PLUS the only one that can play SNES games perfectly on 3DS in the world !

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Gateway ULTRA 3.4.1

Thursday, 17 September 2015 14:32:31 Asia/Shanghai

Today we have new update --- the Gateway ULTRA 3.4.1 : it’s another quick EmuNand update for old 3DS !
This release brings back support for the latest 10.1 EmuNand system firmware for OLD 3DS.

We hit an issue regarding converting existing cheat formats for our cheat engine, but we are working on an intermediate solution and we hope it will be ready quite soon !

Now, just enjoy !

Posted By Hallie Hallie

New release: Blue Card v1.02 PUBLIC BETA

Monday, 31 August 2015 09:49:49 Asia/Shanghai

New release: Blue Card v1.02 PUBLIC BETA

Now we have fixed the MicroSD card crash bug in EXFAT format and we added the “micro sd card full” hint when the space in MicroSD card is less than 512KB for a new “.sav” file.

We have also added SYSTEM / EMU display in the “ROM selecter” menu since it is not convenient to check the NAND version.

The release contains also an update for the Blue 3DS card with:
* Improved support for MicroSD cards;
* Faster write speeds.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

New firmware update: Gateway Ultra v3.4 Public Beta

Monday, 10 August 2015 10:37:04 Asia/Shanghai

Today a new firmware update comes out: Gateway Ultra v3.4 !

1.Fixed new antipiracy check;
2.Improved firmware spoofing.

After noticing issues surrounding some of the latest game backups not functioning as 3DS files but working just fine as CIA files, we decided to investigate.

The discovery was a new kind of antipiracy check, which was quite remarkable. This took us five minutes to fix and here we are today !

Apart from that, the firmware spoofing was also improved a bit, since an additional kernel version check is now disabled.
This is most useful & exciting for New 3DS users that are still on 9.5 EmuNand and want to play firmware spoofed games that require a higher kernel version.
Also this fix can be helpful for users who want to keep using an older Gateway Ultra firmware and meanwhile still being able to play newer games.

Thanks to the innovators, and now as always just ENJOY !

PS: Cheat support is coming ! We have a proof of concept ready and now are working on integrating it in the next update.

Posted in GATEWAY 3DS By Hallie Hallie

Test & Review on AMIIQO

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 15:10:06 Asia/Shanghai

The front face of AMIIQO: quite simple, with one NFC and one button.

Back side of AMIIQO:

Test on NEW 3DS, tested game “Super Smash Brothers”
1.Look just like the legal copy “Amiibo”, the roles show directly after being put in.

2.Switch AMIIQO data: press the AMIIQO button to load at Amiibo’s load interface, you can switch among the roles.

3.The last few ones are not unreleased ones. It seems that Nintendo has left a suspense for us quite early.

4.Really like this FC robot controller Amiibo

How to use AMIIQO App?
Note: the debugging program for AMIIQO must be used on Android system which has NFC function. Otherwise, it’s unable to use.

Three main functions in the AMIIQO debugging program:

1.Clone the legal copy AMIIBO data and save as “.BIN” file.
As NFC is on the back of the phone, put the AMIIBO to the back side of the phone and read.

Select “DUMP”.

Again put the AMIIBO to the back side of the phone.

Detach the AMIIBO until the below shows.

2.Manage the Banks inside AMIIQO and add additional characters (up to 200) to the “.BIN” data. They can also be deleted or replaced.
1)Add new serial numbers firstly;
Put the AMIIQO, select the “Set Bankcount”.
Add new number.
Again place the AMIIQO, and update the data of newly added Bank number data.

2)Then you can add new AMIIBO data.
Select “Manage Banks”.
Select the blank bank.
Then you can load your own Dump or download Amiibo “.BIN” data from the internet.
Place the AMIIQO to update new data.
Go to “Manage Banks” again.
Then the newly added data will show.

3.Lock / Unlock the AMIIQO : this is mainly used to prevent mistakenly deletion.
* Lock the AMIIQO:
Place the AMIIQO and select “LOCK”.
Now the AMIIQO data can’t be edited.

* Unlock the AMIIQO:
Place the AMIIQO and select “UNLOCK”.
Then again place the AMIIQO; after hearing a sound, then press the button and hold.
A few seconds later, the data is editable again.

1.AMIIQO can be used to store plenty of Amiibo data, and it can also be used for 3DS+WIIU.
2.Simply push button to switch.
3.Can be operated on the phone, convenient for processing and taking along.
4.Can only be used on NFC phones.

Posted By Hallie Hallie

As is confirmed, Blue Card is working great with the NTR CFW 3.0

Friday, 31 July 2015 09:56:54 Asia/Shanghai

Blue Card works great with the NTR CFW 3.0 for any 3DS/ NEW 3DS/ 2DS consoles, which has been confirmed. Thanks to NTR team’s hard work, now so many feature have been possible !

3.Realtime Debugger
4.Hot-key settings
5.Clean Mode
6.Language Emulation plugin
9.All region supported, emunand supported.

Installation of BootNTR:
1.Download the ;
2.Copy the “ntr.bin” and “BootNTR.cia” into the SD card of your 3DS or the MicroSD card of New 3DS.
3.Use BBM to install the BootNTR.cia in     EmuNand.

Boot into NTR Mode:
1.Boot the NTR icon.
2.When the “NTR CFW loaded successfully” shows, press the HOME button to return to menu.
3.If it fails, turn off the N3DS and try again.
4.Press X+Y in games or HOME Menu will show the NTR CFW Menu, to take screenshots or interact with plugins.
5.Now enjoy !

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