Yesterday on 17th April, sky3DS official team released a piece of news as follows:
* We will release a new solution for online game play with sky3DS+ soon.(04/17/2017)

Though they haven't yet confirmed when exactly the new solution will be available, we think it should not be far and maybe just around the corner-- as this news itself indicates that the sky3DS official team now is focusing on working out this solution. Till so far, sky3DS team haven't let us down and the sky3DS+ card keeps up with support for the latest 3DS firmware. Also its firmware has been keeping in updating regularly for better functions.

Many people are guessing that it's likely that the new solution can work without game header or the steps for online game play with SKY3DS+ will be much easier without the concern of being banned.

Whatever the new solution will be, it'll surely make things better. So let's just wait and see.