What's Gateway 3DS ?
It's the world's first 3ds flashcart developed by Gateway team. Consisting of a blue card and a red card, Gateway 3ds supports 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL Sysnand firmware(V4.1-9.2)for playing 3DS games. By using Gateway 3ds flashcard, you can play nearly all the 3DS ROMs on your 3DS console for free.

Difference and relation between Sysnand and EmuNAND ?
Gateway 3DS differs from other 3DS flashcard by one of its most important features-- EmuNAND. Some new beginners often mix Sysnand up with EmuNAND, which often leads to some trouble in getting Gateway 3DS to work.

Sysnand: It is the original firmware version of your 3DS system. Usually you can find your 3DS's Sysnand version by go into the System Settings on the Home Menu, and it often shows as Ver. x.x.x-xx(such as my 3DS Sysnand version shows as Ver. 4.5.0-10U)

EmuNAND: It is the Emulating system which can be created by Gateway 3DS flashcard via executing "Format Emunand" in Gateway menu. If you are using Gateway 3DS card and Emunand has been successfully created, it normally shows as GW3D x.x.x-xx when you open System Settings in EmuNAND (My 3DS console's EmuNAND shows as GW3D 10.7.0-32U ).

What EmuNAND can do ?
As we know, Gateway 3DS card now can support Sysnand version 4.1-9.2. In this case, how to solve the problem if we want to play newer 3DS roms of higher version(for example V10.0.0) ? By updating the 3DS Sysnand to the higher version 10.0 ? However, if we do this, we won't be able to use Gateway 3DS any more since it supports only 3DS Sysnand V4.1-9.2 (the precondition of using Gateway 3DS)

EmuNAND can perfectly solve these problems and contradictions. Our 3DS console's Sysnand can remain at its original version between 4.1-9.2, and in the meanwhile we can update the EmuNAND to higher version.

Since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.7.1, Gateway 3DS can support EmuNAND 10.7 on O3DS and N3DS-- this means we can use Gateway 3DS to play nearly all latest 3DS game roms. (Also it's said on some famous forums that Gateway 3ds now even can support Emunand 11.0, though not officially confirmed by Gateway team.)

Gateway 3DS another important feature: cheats
We can also use the function of cheats since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.6 . This feature of Gateway 3DS enable us to cheating when playing 3DS games, and also make it easier to achieve progress in the game. All we need to do is download some cheat files or create cheat files by yourself.
Resources for downloading cheats file for Gateway 3DS:

· www.max-cheats.com (Max Cheats, run by Maxconsole.com)
· http://fort42.cu.cc/gateshark/ (Fort 42)