Many of the Nintendo 3DS game players don't know what flashcard to get for their 3DS/NEW 3DS console. Hereby in this article, we will analyze in detail and to help you choose the correct card for yourself. If you have already updated your 3DS/New 2DS/New 3DS to firmware v11.5.0-38, never buy the Gateway 3DS cards, because Gateway 3DS won't work on this firmware. Or if you've already ordered one, you should contact the seller, cancel the order or alter to another correct card.

Why Gateway 3DS is the wrong choice for Nintendo 3DS v11.5.0 ?
As has been emphasized for many times, Gateway 3DS card only support playing 3ds games or 3ds backups on 3DS firmware V4.1-9.2. So if you are owning a 2DS/New 2DS XL/3DS/New 3DS XL on firmware higher than v9.2, then you should forget about Gateway 3DS when purchasing a flashcard for playing 3ds games, not to mention the latest firmware 11.5.0. Though Gateway 3DS can support Emunand 11.2, the precondition is that you have a 3DS/2DS console with firmware(i.e. the Sysnand) v4.1~9.2. Furthermore, as for EmuNand 11.3/11.4 or 11.5, Gateway 3DS CAN NOT support yet. Let's take a look at the latest news on Gateway official site as follows:

Therefore, if you are Gateway 3DS users, you can update EmuNand up to V11.2.0, but never higher than that. If your 3DS console is on the newer 3ds firmware version such as v9.3-v11.5.0, then you should buy a SKY3DS+ card instead of Gateway 3DS card.

Do any other flashcarts support 3DS/New 3DS/New 2DS V11.5.0 or not ?
Besides Gateway 3DS card, there are also other 3DS flashcard such as DSTWO Plus, EZ Flash Redux, R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe, MT Card and so on. So are these cards supporting 3DS v11.5.0 for playing 3ds games or not ? The answer is NO! Now let's take a look at what 3ds firmware versions these flashcarts can work on:

  • DSTWO Plus : 3DS V4.0-9.2
  • EZ Flash Redux : 3DS V4.0-9.2
  • R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe : 3DS V4.1-4.5
  • MT Card : 3DS V4.1-4.5

SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ are the correct card for playing 3ds games on 3DS firmware v9.3-11.5
So far, Sky3DS/Sky3DS+ are the only flashcards that can directly work on 3DS latest firmware V11.5.0-38 or lower versions for playing 3ds game roms. Sky3DS and Sky3DS+ both are from the official team. But comparatively speaking, Sky3DS+ is better than Sky3DS, and we can draw this conclusion from the following aspects:
1. Firmware:
Sky3DS doesn't have firmware, and thus is not updatable.
Sky3DS+ has firmware, and is updatable.

2. Setup:
Sky3DS - you need to use Diskwriter to transfer the 3ds games to the memory card and into the format that can be recognized by Sky3DS.
Sky3DS+ - doesn't require any setup. Sky3DS+ card can directly recognize the 3ds rom files.

3. Game Switch:
Sky3DS has only 1 blue button, so you can only switch game one by one and in one direction.
Sky3DS+ has 2 orange buttons, and you can easily switch between games in two directions, also you can press the button quickly at a time to jump to the game you want to play.