It is known to Gateway 3DS users that homebrew runner has emerged on Gateway 3DS platform before and until so far homebrew only  can be run as user-mode and cannot co-exist with games, not to speak of being a part of system to reside in the background. Therefore, game screenshot and real-time guide functionalities is still not work yet.

Nevertheless, A homebrew NTR CFW V1.0 published recently. Homebrew NTR CFW allows developer to develop game plug-ins as well as system plug-ins.System plug-ins will keep residing in the background and you can press the shortcut key to call it at any time during you playing game to bring about function like the screenshot function which can only work during the game running before.At the same time, Game plug-ins will automatically load during the particular game running  so that you can achieve in a video game titles, text, and other enhanced features real-time translation.

What's more, the function of system plug-ins is far more than above listed!!! Update to be continued.
The screeshot plug-ins which has been built in the installation package so the screenshot function supported and 5 reverse plug-ins released.

1.Supports Gateway 3DS V4.5.
2.Supports only firmware version 4.5 emunand of Gateway 3DS.
3.The screen will briefly flash green as a succeed sign after homebrew system and game plug-ins load successfully as a normal phenomenon.
4.No influence of emerging short-lived during the game running since it is needed to pop out system menu during playing game.
5.The related function of system plug-ins can be called at any time via pressing X+Y to pop out system menu.

6.GW 3DS Firmware V2.2 can cross-districtly run genuine cassette directly and itself doesn't support pirate game running.
7.Supports Gateway 3DS  Firmware version 1.0-7.1. Above Gateway 3DS firmware V8.1 cannot be supported yet.

Installation instructions:
1.Make sure the firmware version in emunand V4.5 or less. Please use the original format emunand GW 3DS firmware V2.6 operating firmware if emunand firmware version is higher than 4.5.
(Attention: Such the archive data in the SD card will all lost after reformat.So please note the backup)
2.Copy the plugin directory,arm11.bin and Launcher.dat to SD card root directory.
3.The screen will briefly flash green after entry homebrew successfully and it will pop out homebrew menu via pressing X+Y.