Before our tutorial, I'd like to tell that as for those player who has brushed Gateway 3ds firmware you only need to change the file Launcher.dat in GW_OMEGA_2.7 zip to the ROOT directory of built-in SD card in 3DS console.

As for those player who doesn't install any firmware, please follow the below tutorial step by step.
1.Download Gateway 3DS firmware Omega 2.7 zip.

2.Decompress the zip and copy all the files to an empty TF card which has been formatted to FAT32 then insert the TF card into the blue card.

3.Insert the blue card into the 3DS console and click the icon to operate then will see the second below screen.

4.Click GATEWAY INSTALLER and then press A to start to install crack program

5.It means successful if you see the below pic.

6.Re-open the Gateway 3DS firmware Omega 2.7 zip and then copy Launcher.dat in it to the ROOT directory of SD card built in 3DS console then insert SD card into 3DS console.And insert the TF card which has been downloaded games inside and has been formatted exFat or FAT32 forms into the red card and insert the red card into the console.

7.Enter the "System Settings", the system version could be seen at the bottom rightside of the screen.Click the bottom rightside "Oher Settings" icon of below four cells and click the first one to enter "Profile" then click the bottom of this screen "Nintendo DS Profile" icon. Later the console will enter a brief state of sudden death and return to HOME menu automatically then insert the red card which has been downloaded 3DS roms then you can enjoy 3DS roms now!(If this step failed just try some times again)

Attention: If you turn off the console after cracked, you need repeat step 6,7 then use the red card.