Brief analysis of CIA form:including DLC,supporting package,networking without file title,no need to entry eShop to download game patch.

Tutorial step by step:
1.Please update your Gateway 3DS firmware version to V2.6 (Gateway 3DS Firmware V2.6)then replace the file Launcher.dat in the SD card.(If you did it before then go to step 2 directly)

2.Download accessory and unzip it then copy the file DevMenu.3ds to the TF card(red one).

3.Copy the CIA file you want to install to the SD card.
(Update:SaveDataFiler which is the archive decryption tool for development machine,you can export and import Pokemon archive attached CIA version can be installed,the Japanese version of the machine run successfully.)

4.Entry Gateway 3DS emunand and run DEVMENU like running games.

5.Go to Import by pressing → of crosskey and using ↑↓ to find CIA file in SD card,then press A to install.

6.Drop out DEVMENU like other games after installation completed,and then you will see CIA you installed just now on the main interface.

(NOTED:The gift bag cannot be seen after installation completed for the game patch CIA file.Only when you entering games you can see the patched version number.)
ps:Installed CIA can be deleted via data management of emunand system setting.But Do not wrongly enter the data management of Gateway 3DS V4.5 otherwise all the files downloaded in emunand will lost.

We have no responsibilty of any problem caused by your operation.So please do carefully!!!