1.Update your Gateway 3DS Firmware version to V2.6 and emunand  V8.1 to V9.2.
2.Download DevMenu.zip and then unzip it to TF card.
3.Download savedatafiler.zip and then unzip it to SD card.
4.Entry Gateway 3DS mode and run DevMenu.3ds.
5.Using crosskey "→" to go to Import and "↑↓ "to find savedatafiler.cia in SD card after entry DevMenu.3ds then press "A" to install.
6.There will be an icon  after installation finished but do not run it.Just press "SELECT" to choose Pokemon rom and only read it.
7.Run the under the condition of the Pokemon icon showing up,there will be “User” “ExtData “ ”SD”3 interfaces.Choose "CTR Card" under "User" interface and then press Y so the archive file can be exported to SD card.
8.Insert your SD card into your PC.
(Gateway 3DS)

All above steps has been done already,now it's time for you to modify.
(Attention:Please DO NOT overmodify,modify wantonly otherwise you will not be able to participate in cyber war)

1.Go to "Class" under the "Main interface" to choose a pokemon you wanna modify then rigt click on the View.You will see the detailed info.of this pokemon.

PID:It can be modified.Click "new" the random serial number will be given in order to avoid problem caused by the same serial number.
Five-pointed star:It's the sign of flashing.The pokemon will blink once you click it meanwhile the PID will lock.So please click it after your modification have been comleted!
Species:The type of Pokemon is all in it.
Nickname:Depend on your needs
EXP&LV:Do not over modify.
Nature:Depend on your needs
Held Item:Depend on your needs

2.After step1 completed,then click "meet" on the right side of the "Main interface".

Original Game:Default.
Met Location:Default.
Ball:It's all well to choose except rarity ball.
Met Level:Default if the pokemon is wild you catched.
Met Date:It's better to choose the date after 21/11/2014.

3.Next,Click "Stats".

IVs:6 skills can be modified.But it's better for you to choose Randomize IVs to be illegal then modify the part you're not satisified with.

4.Click "Attacks".

Attention:Please modify the skills according to the pokemon map on the website.Do NOT give the fire pokemon the icy skills such kind of weird combination.That's illegal totally!

5."The master settings".

3.Modify "Trainer Info."

4.As for how a pokemon join a party,First,Choose the "code generator" under "tools"then a window will pop out like below right pic.Next choose "Loaded EKX(Tabs)" then click "Add".

After all above has been finished,you can click the right of "Set"to save the modification.Then check somewhere that still need to be modified,including the props etc.If all has been done,you can choose "Save" of the right interface of PKHex then choose"Export SAV" to cover the exported main archives(please note the backup).

Lastly,Insert the SD card into 3DS and entry Gateway 3DS.The icon of pokemon rom show up and then operate . Press
→ to go to "SD" interface this time.Then choose the archive files and press A to confirm importing archives.

Attention again:Do not forget the backup!

Q:Why the PKHeX cannot be opened?
A:Please confirm whether your PC system is Windows 7 or not.If your computer system is VISTA or Win XP, please google a Microsoft. Net Framework 4.0 and install it. Restart your PC after installation completed.

Q:How should I do if error occured while exporting SAV?
A:PKHeX Ruby& Sapphire &XY cannot be in common use fundamentally. PKHeX XY please find the older version which can support XY.

Q:Why DevMenu.3ds cannot be opened?
A:Please download it again and unzip it after you have confirmed the complete of this file.Make sure the Gateway 3DS Firmware is V2.6 and emunand system updated to 8.1-9.2.

Q:Why the modified pokemon can be used with this machine but cannot be used for cyber war?
A:Do NOT over modify your pokemon otherwise it is illegal. So that you will be shielded by the server if you use it for cyber war.