Prepare things:
1.Wood R4i Gold 3DS Flashcard.
2. One micro sd card and adaptor. (Cos the r4i gold 3ds can support sdhc, so the micro sd card any size from 2g to 32g is ok )
3. Nintendo 3DS console (or New 3DS XL, DSi, DSi XL, NDS)
4. PC

Tutorial step by step
1. Insert the sd card into the adaptor, and put them into the PC.

2.Format the sd card and remember to back up the important files of your sd card.

3.Download the latest wood firmware V1.64.

4.Decompress the rar file you have download.

These two files are the total you need.

5.copy these two files to the root folder of the micro sd card.
Done. Setup up over.

6.Also put some NDS games into the sd card. Finally your sd card will have contents below.

7.Insert the sd card into your r4i gold 3ds card. Put the r4i gold 3ds card into your 3ds .

8.Power on , click the icon below to enter into the wood menu. Press sd card icon to the game menu.

9. Choose on game to enjoy!