Some people asked that he has made the emunand system and it's the latest version what he should do if he wants to change another larger SD card. Since the emunand is saved in the hidden zone, we cannot simply copy and attach it. So below we will show you the operation instruction.

It is very easy. All you need is just emuNAND Tool.

Insert your SD card into PC. and open up the tool as below picture.

The left button is used to back up emunand system. Click it and choose the place where you put the emunand system in. The right button is used to restore the emunand system. Just choose the emunand you backed up.

So turn back to the problem about how to do if you wanna change a larger SD card?
1. Save all the files in your SD card well to your PC.
2. Use emunand tool to back up emunand system.
3. Insert the new SD card into your console and enter GW menu to make emunand(The present emunand system version is GW4.5).
4. Take out the SD card and use emunand tool to restore the emunand system you backed up just now.
5. Copy all the files in the original SD card to the new SD card.