An exciting news that Gateway 3DS can work on all the consoles including 2DS/3DS/3DSXL/new3DS/new3DSXL firmware up to V9.2.0-20 announced by Gateway 3DS official team on 30/11/2014!

It indicates that no matter what system version you have, Gateway 3DS will be working on it for playing 3DS games!!!!!! So if your Gateway 3DS firmware is still on V4.1 to V4.5, just stay on it and now you can use Gateway 3DS to enjoy all features. If your Gateway system is not on V4.5, just update your 3DS firmware to the latest firmware now and wait the Gateway 3DS releasing the new firmware. It will be coming soon!
Go to Gateway 3DS for full features!!

Besides, Gateway 3DS now supports:
Region free
This is a great feature of gateway 3ds card. which means you can play any country of games to play on any regions of 3ds console. such as play Jap/EU 3ds games on your US 3ds console.