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DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03 is now updated

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 14:37:58 Asia/Shanghai

About DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03

1. Improved CARD2 save speed.
2. Fixed play 3ds games online error.

With DSTWO PLUS and the new Gateway plugin, what you need to do is rather simple.


Download the DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03, unzip the file and copy the folder "_dstwoplug" to the root of the MicroSD card.

Together with the _dstwo folder and the 3ds roms on the root of the MicroSD card. You can enjoy the games.

The new Gateway plugin enable us to emulate the Gateway flashcart, with no region limitations, while at the same time only one card is enough!

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DSTWO PLUS is releasing in October

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:57:37 Asia/Shanghai

Today we have good news from http://supercard.sc/ that they are going to release the DSTWO PLUS new page later today !

It will support all 3DS, NDS, SFC, GBA !
Chinese site: http://chn.supercard.sc/
English site: http://eng.supercard.sc/

DSTWO PLUS--- One flash cart for All.
Based on the Supercard DSTWO, DSTWO PLUS provides a super plug in it and can support 3DS games now. It is the only flashcard that supports 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game in the world !

DSTWO PLUS ‘s powerful onboard CPU and the 32MB running RAM allow for built-in support of GAME BOY Advance (GBA) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) games and other amazing realtime features which are available during gameplaying. DSTWO PLUS has 4 times flash and 2 times CPLD than those of DSTWO. It begins with the DSTWO PLUS....
Now it’s time to go beyond 3DS ! It can support 3DS new version through upgradable firmware system in the future.

About 4 in 1
1.Emulate the GATEWAY plug in. (Support 3DS games)
With the super GATEWAY plug in and DSTWO PLUS hardware, it can emulate GATEWAY flashcard. It’s unnecessary using two cards, just ONE being enough ! With GATEWAY plug in, it provides 3DS games support. No region limitation, any version of games can work on any version’s 3DS. This plug in is very easy to use, just like always.

2.DS games Support (DSTWO EOS)
It’s the No.1 DS flashcart, the perfect DS game play system in the world ! DSTWO EOS system has a lot of powerful functions: Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion. 32MB running RAM fixes a lot of TF lag problems, this problem can corrupt game.

3.GBA games support(TempGBA)
Based on the official GBA emulator, TempGBA is the best and the only one with which people can play GBA games on 3DS. And it’s the only one that runs Golden Sun perfectly.

4.SNES games support(CatSFC)
It’s a perfect SNES emulator with the powerful hardware, which makes DSTWO PLUS the only one that can play SNES games perfectly on 3DS in the world !

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After being out of stock for more than three months, now the supercard DSTwo has come back again.

We currently have enough stock for supercard DSTwo card, and we have finished the dispatch of previous orders. So now it’s great time for DSTwo and new orders are welcome !

DSTwo card is the only 3DS flashcart that could be used to play games on 3DS and 3DS XL consoles. Working great on the latest 3DS firmware V9.8.0-25, together with other great features has made supercard DSTwo stand out from the other cards.

This great DSTwo card is the best choice for you if you want to play DS games, GBA games on your 3DS !


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User Instruction of DSTwo

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 07:04:57 Asia/Shanghai

How to start up?

You will need firstly to download the OS from www.supercard.sc.Then unzip and copy the system folder_dstwo to the root microSD card.Lastly,you just copy the game files to the microSD and insert it into DSTWO.!

Hotkey functions you may need to know:

Up/Down/Left/Right Move cursor
X       Game setting
A/B   A/B   Open / Close File
START  calling System menu
Select   Mode set

Main menu instruction:

File Operation File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete).
Skin   Setting skin.
Language  English/Chinese/French/Italian/Japanese/Spanish/German/Korean
System display/brightness/Hot Keys
Help  using help

Enhancements(Hotkey in game: L+R+Start)

DSTWO Customize Desktop
Just copy the homebrew main program (*.nds) the _dstwoplug folder. In addition to some homebrew, there is a folder outside the main program (such as moonshell), copy the folder to the root directory of MicroSD card.

Good look icon making
1. Make a 16-bit 40X42 bmp picture,name with the same homemade software. Such as homebrew.nds need a picture file name homebrew.bmp.
2. Create a *.txt text file and then enter the following text, save the txt file and then rename the *.txt file to *.ini. Such as homebrew.nds need a *.ini file name homebrew.ini.
[Plug setting]
Icon = fat1: / _dstwoplug /homebrew software name.bmp
Name = homebrew software name
3. Finally to copy the *.bmp file and *.ini files to the _dstwoplug folder, restart the "DSTWO Desktop" you can see the new icon added to the list.

Resources from the official DSTWO website:supercard dstwo

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