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Since the latest 3DS system firmware V11.3.0-36 has come out for some time now, someone may be wondering if Gateway 3ds card can support the 11.3 Emunand.

According to a latest news from Gateway official website, they haven't confirmed Emunand 11.3 can be supported by Gateway 3DS card yet. And until now, they haven't released further update. So for now, please do not update your Emunand until you can read the confirmation of support for 11.3 on Gateway official website.

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Following the release of Gateway V4.1B Private Beta, Gateway 3DS official released a New Gateway Fast-Boot manual which is known as A9LH. In the following part, we will show you the detailed information and answer some confusions you may have about whether or not GW 3DS 4.1 firmware supports Nintendo 3DS 10.7 or 11.0 .

Gateway 3DS V4.1B Private Beta Firmware
Note: The GW Private beta is different from the Public beta -- if you want to use it with Gateway 3ds card on your 3DS/2DS/N3DS console, you should at least backup and know how to restore your 3DS Nand before using it. All your operation with GW 4.0 or 4.1b Private beta firmware is at your own risk!

Changelog of GW V4.1B Private Beta

  • · Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
  • · Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
  • · Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
  • · Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
  • · Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
  • · Menu lockout implemented


  • · DOWNLOAD GATEWAY 4.1 BETA (MD5: f3f8323a7ae0821824935d0ca002cddb)

GATEWAY 4.1 Firmware Fast-Boot Manual
To make sure the process to install Gateway Fast-Boot on your 3DS or N3DS is as clear and simple as possible, GW has released a new manual which you can find here.

Does Gateway 3DS 4.1B Beta support 3DS/2DS/N3DS 10.7 and 11.0 firmware or not ?
Did you notice the description on ? The Gateway official site writes in this way "Works on 2DS, 3DS & 3DS XL firmware up to 10.7". Don’t and never regard this as Gateway 3ds compatibility for 10.7 to lower 3ds firmware versions. The just means Gateway 3DS card can support EmuNAND 10.7 and 11.0 for now. If your 3DS/2DS/New 3DS console is on 9.3-11.O Sysnand, don’t buy Gateway 3DS card: it can’t play 3DS Games on your console! Below is the FAQ from official GW forum You can check the link here

Question: In the official Gateway 3DS site, it is specified that it “Works on 2DS, 3DS & 3DS XL firmware up to 10.7″.

Does that mean that if the 3DS is on official firmware up to 10.7, it’ll work?

I’ve heard a lot of different information (such as it’ll only work up to 9.2, compatibility to 10.3 in the works)...

Can someone please confirm the current official versions the gateway will work on?

Answer: It work on up to 10.7 emunand is what they mean. It actually works on 11.x emunand. It inly support 9.2 sysnand on any console. However if they got time machine working right you should be able to dowbgrade to 2.x to get whatever it is you need for the new gateway a9lh thing.

Conclusion: SKY3DS and SKY3DS+ are still the Only 2 flashcards supporting 3DS Game Roms on 3DS V11.0 to all lower 3DS system versions. Gateway 3DS is still just supporting within V4.1-V9.2 firmware range. Furthermore, SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ are much easier to use compared with Gateway 3ds card: just dowload, drag & plug, and then you can play Hundreds of Hot 3DS Games. It is your best choice in 2016, judging from the current 3DS hacking cards situation.

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New Release for Gateway 3DS: the 4.1B PRIVATE BETA

Wednesday, 3 August 2016 16:48:36 Asia/Shanghai

It's been a long time since Gateway official team released their last GATEWAY 4.0B PRIVATE BETA in June. Now Gateway 4.1B PRIVATE BETA is ready. Are you wondering what it is about ? If so, just read on !

Gateway have had a tremendous amount of feedback after the Public Beta 4.0 release. They have worked hard on incooperating these feedback and bugreports, and now they released another minor update that should further improve the stability and reliability of our new GATEWAY FASTBOOT feature.

Without further ado, here’s a small changelog:

  • – Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
  • – Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
  • – Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
  • – Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
  • – Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
  • + Menu lockout implemented

The new Menu Lockout feature requires some further explanation: You’re all used to being able to get into the GATEWAY menu by holding down the [L] button during boot (or booting without a GATEWAY 3DS cart inserted).

From now on, any system installed with GATEWAY FASTBOOT (formerly known as `A9LH’) will require holding down L+select in order to get to the GATEWAY menu. This is to prevent the younger users of the system from accidentally triggering unintended actions from the GATEWAY menu. (Think of format emunand and such)

People who *don't* use GATEWAY FASTBOOT can still enter the menu by holding down [L], of course.

There was a minor error in the TIME MACHINE pack for the USA region which has been corrected, so please re-grab this pack if it affects your console’s region and you are planning on installing GATEWAY FASTBOOT. (This does not effect previous users who have already used the old data packs)

If you think this is all Gateway has been up to lately... we’re happy to let you know you are wrong! :-)

We have something very exciting upcoming, but as always; good things take time. Remember that Gateway is yet to let down their loyal customer base.. though the 3DS is a pretty dated system by now. Gateway team was here from the start, and will be here till the very end. Keep checking!

And as always, ENJOY!

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For new beginners: to get a clearer idea of Gateway 3DS

Monday, 25 July 2016 13:54:10 Asia/Shanghai

What's Gateway 3DS ?
It's the world's first 3ds flashcart developed by Gateway team. Consisting of a blue card and a red card, Gateway 3ds supports 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL Sysnand firmware(V4.1-9.2)for playing 3DS games. By using Gateway 3ds flashcard, you can play nearly all the 3DS ROMs on your 3DS console for free.

Difference and relation between Sysnand and EmuNAND ?
Gateway 3DS differs from other 3DS flashcard by one of its most important features-- EmuNAND. Some new beginners often mix Sysnand up with EmuNAND, which often leads to some trouble in getting Gateway 3DS to work.

Sysnand: It is the original firmware version of your 3DS system. Usually you can find your 3DS's Sysnand version by go into the System Settings on the Home Menu, and it often shows as Ver. x.x.x-xx(such as my 3DS Sysnand version shows as Ver. 4.5.0-10U)

EmuNAND: It is the Emulating system which can be created by Gateway 3DS flashcard via executing "Format Emunand" in Gateway menu. If you are using Gateway 3DS card and Emunand has been successfully created, it normally shows as GW3D x.x.x-xx when you open System Settings in EmuNAND (My 3DS console's EmuNAND shows as GW3D 10.7.0-32U ).

What EmuNAND can do ?
As we know, Gateway 3DS card now can support Sysnand version 4.1-9.2. In this case, how to solve the problem if we want to play newer 3DS roms of higher version(for example V10.0.0) ? By updating the 3DS Sysnand to the higher version 10.0 ? However, if we do this, we won't be able to use Gateway 3DS any more since it supports only 3DS Sysnand V4.1-9.2 (the precondition of using Gateway 3DS)

EmuNAND can perfectly solve these problems and contradictions. Our 3DS console's Sysnand can remain at its original version between 4.1-9.2, and in the meanwhile we can update the EmuNAND to higher version.

Since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.7.1, Gateway 3DS can support EmuNAND 10.7 on O3DS and N3DS-- this means we can use Gateway 3DS to play nearly all latest 3DS game roms. (Also it's said on some famous forums that Gateway 3ds now even can support Emunand 11.0, though not officially confirmed by Gateway team.)

Gateway 3DS another important feature: cheats
We can also use the function of cheats since the release of Gateway Public BETA v3.6 . This feature of Gateway 3DS enable us to cheating when playing 3DS games, and also make it easier to achieve progress in the game. All we need to do is download some cheat files or create cheat files by yourself.
Resources for downloading cheats file for Gateway 3DS:

· (Max Cheats, run by
· (Fort 42)

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Gateway 3DS in Gbatemp: its Compatibility, Features and Review

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 16:58:11 Asia/Shanghai

Maybe some of you guys want to buy a Gateway 3DS flashcard but not knowing its compatibility, features, review and other information. Hereby in this post we are showing you relevant information from the famous Gbatemp forum.

What we should know about Gateway 3DS in Gbatemp

It's true that we can get some information on this flashcard from the official site or card resellers, but this may be not detailed enough for you. Undoubtedly, Gbatemp provides us with great chances for getting to know better about Gateway 3DS compatibility, features, and review. Below are several excellent posts from Gbatemp users which you could take a good look at.

Gbatemp: Gateway 3DS compatibility

Gateway 3DS firmware compatibility

  • NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL: V8.9--V9.2
  • 3DS/3DS XL: V4.1--V9.2
  • 2DS: V6.0--V9.2

Gateway 3DS game compatibility

  • 3DS Cartridge Game: Support
  • 3DS Eshop Game: Support
  • .CIA Game: Support
  • DS Game: Support( for only V4.1 to V6.0)
  • GBA Game: No
  • SNES Game: No

Gateway 3DS features list in Gbatemp

Gateway 3DS review in Gbatemp

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The release for Gateway 3DS new firmware which supports GW Time Machine app & A9LH Installer is being delayed again, as is announced by the Gateway official site. Why they fail to release the GW firmware as they promised in the last announcement and how much longer we will have to wait ? Let us disclose these for you.

The reason for delayed release of Gateway 3DS new firmware?
According to Gateway team, the new Gateway beta firmware is still under testing by more testers, from whom Gateway official is waiting for more screen shots, videos, comments etc. on the very newest pending release. As they said they value customers' safety before anything, meaning that the safety is not 100% ensured until further tests confirm it. This is a little frustrated.

When will the new Gateway firmware be released ?
The upcoming new Gateway firmware, maybe ultra 4.0 or other, is said to be come within 48 hours. But no exact time is given. So let just wait and expect for it.

First we would like to apologize for the small delay on the release of our latest  firmware.  The  good news is that we have just sent to an extended panel of beta testers our newest firmware. If, as expected, all goes fine, the public release will be within 48 hours after that.

Gateway 3DS flashcart is worth of the waiting or purchasing ?
This will depend on what you expect from a 3DS flashcart and your 3DS console sysnand version.
If you expect to use a 3DS flashcard for playing 3ds games easily and conveniently on your 3DS/N3DS/2DS, then SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ will be excellent choices. As is known, SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ can support the latest 3DS firmware for 3ds roms.
Or if you want to own a 3DS flashcart with multiple functions, such as region free, EmuNand, 3DS cheats, Homebrews, CIA and others, then Gateway 3DS is a better choice for you.And currently it supports 3DS firmware v4.1-9.2.

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Many people may be wondering if Gateway 3DS is still worth to buy or not and which is the best choice among that many Gateway 3DS US/Europe official resellers. Here this blog is designed to answer these questions.

Gateway 3DS purchase in 2016
Now in 2016, following is a list & comparison of 4 best-selling 3DS flashcarts for 3ds games on Nintendo 3DS handhelds: Gateway 3DS, SKY3DS, SKY3DS+, and Supercard DSTWO Plus.

Gateway 3DS card is always the most powerful 3ds flashcart in the whole market. Up to now in 2016, Gateway 3DS is characterized by many more excellent features: supporting 3ds game cheats, cia files, 3ds homebrews and O3DS/N3DS EmuNand 10.7.0. It enable you to do various things on 3DS/3DS XL/2DS consoles. Also Gateway 3DS' price still remains stable with so many new functions/updates added. In conclusion, Gateway 3DS is really worth to buy and will be an amazing great purchase.

Gateway 3DS: for 3DS firmware v10.7 or not ?
NO, please be noted that Gateway 3DS currently works on 3DS,3DS XL,2DS and NEW 3DS XL/LL with firmware range between v4.1-9.2. For 3ds/n3ds/2ds firmware v9.3-10.7 owners, you can get SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ for playing 3ds roms if you don't want to do some downgrade on the 3ds/n3ds/2ds system. Of course you could choose to use Gateway 3DS and do the downgrading with the help of google search for tutorial(having the risk of being banned).

Gateway 3DS for NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL
Gateway 3DS setup on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL can be done in two different ways. Comparatively speaking, Gateway 3DS setup is more complicated on Nintendo NEW 3DS handhelds. However, currently even for NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL users, it's okay for them to use Gateway 3DS to play free 3ds games, cia 3ds games, eshop 3ds games with cheats code.
* Via Menuhax/HBL(no need for any game catriddge or game save dongle)
* Via booting game(Zelda ocean of time or Cubic Ninjia)

What's the best site to buy Gateway 3DS in US/Europe?
You can order Gateway 3DS 2016 card from, with guarantee of in-time tracking number, free 3ds/ds games download and return/refund policy. Below is what we can provide for you:
* Genuine 3ds flashcart, we are listed on Gateway 3DS official reseller.
* Shipping ability to US/Europe and other worldwide countries.
* Tracking all the way, 100% tracking number provided immediately after despatch.
* Providing you with detailed tutorial for operation, and solving your problems patiently.
* Free game roms provided for you to download. Pre-installed 3ds roms on memory card.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016 14:08:07 Asia/Shanghai

New features for GATEWAY ULTRA V3.6.2:
– Save edited and found cheats to microSD
– Choose custom in-game button activator
– Added warning in Reset search
– Fixed memory search freeze
– Fixed language switch bug
– Fixed long cheat description bug
– Fixed 16-bit conditional mask support, useful for 8bit conditionals
– Cheat finder exact search cancel support
– Cheat code type Exxxxxxx support (patch code)
– Cheat nested conditionals support

In the cheatcode editor, press START to save the current code list to a new cheat code.
Or, configure the cheatlist and press X to edit or press Y to remove the current highlighted cheat code.
From the hit list, you can now also press X to add the current hit as a code to the cheatcode editor.

These new features make it much easier to edit and save codes, all from within the 3DS! No PC needed any more!

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New release: GATEWAY ULTRA 3.6.1 PUBLIC BETA, more exciting thing is upcoming soon


Firstly, something exciting/surprising to be expected:
As is announced by the Gateway official, Gateway team will be bringing Gateway support to systems that are on the current LATEST FIRMWARE: 10.3 and lower soon.
So DO NOT update to higher than this version, because they will NOT be able to bring support for versions after that any time soon!

Now back to the topic.
* Introducing the Gateway 3DSX homebrew application!
In this release, GW.3DSX has also been created, which is a nifty little homebrew application that is loaded through the 3DS Homebrew Channel ( and provides another way for booting into Gateway mode.
Now this means that you are able to choose your favorite entrypoint that works with the Homebrew Channel, such as the popular cold boot menuhax, and boot straight into the Gateway menu!

NOTE: this currently only works for systems up to Sysnand firmware V9.2, but Gateway team are working on that!

* Gateway ULTRA 3.6.1 Bugfix Release
– Menu button speed more fine tuned now
– Enabled in-game menu for demo and system applications (such as Mii Plaza)
– Expanded ram dumper / cheats region to 0x3FFFFFFF
– Fixed forced sysnand booting bug (previously defaulted always to emunand)
– Changed menu highlight color to red

That's all for now. Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy !

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Tutorial: how to play 3ds roms with Gateway 3DS flashcart

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 09:39:04 Asia/Shanghai

* Gateway 3ds flashcart (one blue card, one red card);
* Two microSD cards(one for Gateway Blue card, and the other for Gateway Red card), formatted as FAT32;
* SD card in the 3ds console (formatted as FAT32).


1. Download "GATEWAY ULTRA v3.5.1 PUBLIC BETA", unzip this file. Copy all the files under the folder "Blue Card (R4i)" onto the root of the microSD card for Gateway Blue card. As below picture shows:

2. Copy "Launcher.dat" from the folder GW_Ultra_3.5.1_BETA onto the root of SD card of the 3DS console. See as below:

3. Copy several 3ds roms onto the root of the microSD card for Gateway red card.

4. Insert the SD card into the 3DS console and then power on the console. Insert the Gateway Blue card(with microSD card in) into the 3ds console. Select the flashcart icon and press A.
Then the screen shows as below:

5. Select "NVRAM INSTALLER" and press A. Press A again to continue.
Then select the Console type and press A; then select the Console region and press A,
and after that PROGRAMMING & VERIFYING begins. As below shows:

6. After it is done, press A to exit. As below shows:

7. Then it will prompt you to press HOME button or POWER OFF button. Please make sure to press HOME button to return to HOME menu.(Do not press POWER OFF!)

8. At the HOME menu, select System settings-Other Settings- Profile- Nintendo DS Profile successively.

9. Then the Gateway Menu will show as below:

10. Pull out the Gateway Blue card and insert the Gateway Red card(with microSD card and 3ds roms in) Select the first "BOOT GATEWAY MODE" and press A.
After a few seconds, it will go to the HOME menu. Now the flashcart icon is empty.

11. Press SELECT button and the game list will appear, as below:

12. Select one 3ds rom and press A to confirm. Then press A to start.

13. Enjoy your 3ds games now!

Note: If it doesn't go back to HOME menu automatically after you press A to BOOT GATEWAY MODE(Step 10), or if it gets stuck at blackscreen after you doing so, just power off the 3DS console first.
And then start all the above operations again; until when the Gateway menu appears, look to the right and find FORMAT EMUNAND. Select it and press A to start. After it is done, go back to the first BOOT GATEWAY MODE and press A. This time it should work!

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