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Operation of R5sdhc

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 03:33:56 Asia/Shanghai

1.A micro sd card formatted with windows OS will be needed.

2.Decompress the files R5tool software which you download to the same folder and confirm you can see these files both-DiskWriter.exe and template.txt.
Note:Note:To run DiskWrite,it's necessary for you to download and install Net Framework 4.0 from here .

3.A window of drive select will pop on when you run DiskWriter.exe as administrator ID and then please make it selecting the exact drive that the micro sd card you prepared for sure,then click"Go".

Attention please!!!!!The drive will be formatted and all data will lost if you choose the wrong drive!

meanwhile a warnning windows will pop out,please click"Yes" to continue.

4.The DiskWriter will be shown up like below image and "0Mb"will be shown at the bottom message.Click Files:Formate to formate the micro sd card and there are 2 warning windows will pop out at the same time.Please just click yes to continue to format card.

Please check the bottom message again which should show the correct capacity of micro sd card while the procession is completed.

5.Now you may start loading backup rom to your sd card.It will open file manager window for file selection by just clicking Files-Write.You can multi-select the roms to make batch uploading to your card
to save your time in the folder of your backup rom.
But attention please:the R5 support 10 backup roms totally so please keep the record and write it down to somewhere to keep it save.

6.The selected roms will be checked one by one before uploading and you should see these 2 kinds of message:
(1)It means the rom isn't included in the template.txt files so you cannot upload this rom at the moment,It's waiting for R5 team to update template.txt file including more roms.

(2)It means that the rom can be uploaded to sd card and you should confirm it again if the rom title is correct or not.Please remember that the R5 only can support 10 title of backup roms to run.Then click "Yes"to continue or "no "to stop uploading this rom.

DiskWriter will automatically start uploading after checking all roms you selected.Please stop the DiskWriter when the uploading completed and then remove your sd card out.

7.As for how to delete rom,you just choose the rom and click the right button of mouse then click delete,A warning message will pop out.Then click "Yes"to delete or "No"to cancel.

8.Please plug the sd card into the R5 smoothly and carefully and then insert R5 to the console as normal.You will see the blue led blinking for seconds at first time meanwhile the backup rom will automatically run as normal on console.But please un-plug and re-plug R5 if you see nothing on console.

9.How to change rom?You can simply click the switch button of R5 one time after clicking the button in order to change rom.You can see the blue led light on and then blink.When it stop blinking,the R5 will run into the next rom automatically.Please just un-plug and re-plug the R5 if you click the button carelessly more than one time.

Have fun!.

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How to play 100 games with R5SDHC?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 05:44:01 Asia/Shanghai

1. Play 10 games what you like them mostly by R5SDHC.(we called this "10 game" for short)
Attention : Even you can play 100 games so far ,but you still only can save 10 games .As the records are in kernel ,even us are unable to store more .Be sure that you have 10 favorites to play and save without problem at first .

2. Backup any one "10 game" as the first file in your micro sd card , then backup "10 game"(the game not in 10 list) as the second file in your micro sd .

3. Play "10 games " as normal then click switch button . When blue LED keeps flashing , eject your micro sd at once .

4. Insert micro sd card again .Then screen will show "10+ game" .Press and hold the switchbutton for 2 seconds and let go .

5. If you see the blue led is flashing , then you can go on to play "10+ game"

Pls note: when you play "10+ game" , you are not able to change next game by clicking switch button. You have to eject micro sd and insert again for next normal "10 game"

WARNING! The LED keeps flashing for a long time might cause a breakdown. We are not in charge of this kind of damage.

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