1.Download the DiskWriter Tool which is a rar file you will get and then decompress it to the same directory please.

2.Please choose the app"DiskWriterV100.exe"and click the right button of mouse then click "Run as administrator"to run this app as an administrator role.You have to install the "Net FrameWork V4.0

+"before running DiskWriter app.Otherwise go to step 3.

3.Please reboot your PC and then re-open to run the "DiskWriterV1.00.exe"app as an administrator role after you installed the Microsft.NET Framework.

4.Insert a Micro sd card with an adapter into your PC,then a window will shown up like below please choose the option USB2.0 CARD-READER USB Device (\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1) and then click"Go!"

5.Then a warning window will pop out like below,Just click"Yes"to continue.

6.Running "DiskWriter V1.00"tool normally should like below.Choose "File"to "Format".

7.After you choose to format,an important warning window will show up to inform you that" Formatting the dirve will destory ALL information on it! Are you sure you wish to processed? " Click"Yes" to confirm and then another warning pop out again.Just click "Yes" to go on.

8.Then choose "File"again and click"Write"this time.Next choose your favorite 3DS roms and they will be written into your micro sd card in a few while.

9.Lastly,Just insert the microSD card with SKY3DS into 3DS/2DS console after writing processing completed to enjoy it!