EZ4 EZ-Flash IV microSD Version For GBA NDS NDSL

EZ4 EZ-Flash IV microSD Version For GBA NDS NDSL

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Newest released EZ4 EZ-Flash IV microSD Version!

Support 2GB-32GB microSD/SDHC memory Card!

You will get a FREE 4G Kingston/Sandisk TF card as bonus!!!!


Newest released EZ4 EZ-Flash IV microSD Version


We released the new kernel 1.77 for EZ4 TF(also support old version).
EZ4 Kernel 1.77
1) Support chinese game and saver name
2) improved the saver

1.GBA compatibility& simplicity of usage:
  Compatible with all GBA systems, the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite.
  You just need to enjoy NDS games freely if you own a "passme" device or have flashed your DS firmware with the latest "flashme".
2. No miniSD adapter is needed;
3.Maximum support up to 32GB microSDHC memory card, more roms thus could be holded.
Kindly note:
Since the DSi has no GBA cartridge slot, so it isn't supported.

New EZ-Flash IV EZ4 MicroSD/SDHC version
256Mb PSRAM (32 Mbytes)
384Mb NorFLASH (48Mbytes)
32Mb Loader (4 Mbytes)
8Mb saver SRAM (1Mbyte)
Supports 512Mb - 8GB
Simple cart for all your GBA / GBA SP / NDS needs.
Support 2GB-32GB microSD/SDHC memory Card
Works with miniSD. Supports both NDS (passcard required) and GBA ROMs. Works with slot1 flashcards and provide great GBA games support.

1, Format TF memory card (micro SD / FAT, micro SDHC / FAT32);
2, Download GBA ROMs, decompress and will get xxx.gba named ROMs;
3, Open official EZ client to rename or patch those xxx.gba ROMs (How ? Follow the official manual for EZ4 mini available in EZ Client folder), send renamed ROMs to your memory card;
4, Now you can insert memory card into EZ4 and play games on your console

EZ4 EZ-Flash IV Package:
1 x New EZ4 microSD/SDHC version

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