R5SDHC Flashcart - Supports 3DS the latest version 9.4.0 well and New 3DS

R5SDHC Flashcart  - Supports 3DS the latest version 9.4.0 well and New 3DS

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R5SDHC latest news: Another Flashcart Clone War is on the way now?


R5sdhc flashcart  is new card for playing 3ds games on N3DS V9.2.0-20 or on new 3DS or any 3ds console which eshop games,online games and multi 3ds roms are supported.It's the world's first flashcart that let your backup games run on V9.x.x version,you can protect your original card without damage!

R5SDHC now can play 100+ games !!!More information please click How to Play 100+ Roms on R5SDHC!

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2014-12-25 DiskWriter V1.05 and template file updated

2014-12-19 Template file updated.

2014-12-13 Template file and DiskWriter V1.04 updated and R5 works well on 9.3/9.4 firmware of 3DS is confirmed.

2014-12-05 Template file updated.

2014-12-04 Template file download available

2014-11-28 DiskWriter V1.03 add reformat and template selection function,support Win7/Win8 is now released.DiskWriter V1.03.

2014-11-27 Template file updated.

2014-11-26 New template file for more games supported, download here.

2014-11-25 Latest  template file updated and more games supported.Template file can be download here!

2014-11-24 Please have a try on runnning these 2 version dw_sf1 and  dw_sf2 if you're troubled with MH4G or EX troopers.Besides,Some mirror bugs on DW is being fixed and will get you update soon after it updated. It is a strong recommendation for you to use the regular high speed micro sd and be aware of the downgrade fake one in the market.

2014-11-21 New template file (inc. omega/alpha you know that), download here :)

2014-11-20 New template file (inc. cubic ninja) download available, check and download here!

2014-11-19 Latest DW and template file which include games such as 50 Calssic Games Multi6, 4 Elements, Zelda, Mario serials, Angry Bird Star Wars...etc updated. download here and enjoy!

2014-11-12 Latest template file uploaded : ) here. New DiskWriter V1.01 update,you can download here.

2014-11-06 First release for R5tool (DiskWriter V1.00, please download the tool to your PC and decompress files in same folder).

More details please go to the official website:r5sdhc.com
Please Back up your favorite games to avoid any damage from crashing card - Pokemon X / Pokemon Y / Monster Hunter 4G / Super Smash Bros... etc.

1. All Version/Region of 3DS console including the New 3DS supported.
2. All the version of system up to latest v9.2.0-20 (update 2014-10-30)supported.
3. Just plug and play,2 card swapping operation no more needed.
4. No firmware update needed.
5. Multi-rom function supported.
6. 10 titles of rom for a R5SDHC.
7. Compatible with Micro SD up to 64G.
8. eShop and playing game online supported.
9. The saving operation is as normal.

Q:Why can't MH4 be backuped?
A:Pls try to use dw_sf1 and dw_sf2 to backup.


For more details please go to Operation of R5SDHC

Play 3DS Games online

Play 3DS roms via R5SDHC

Play E-SHop Games via R5SDHC

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